Wednesday, November 16, 2005

5 more weeks to Christmas

Can you believe it is only 5 weeks to Christmas? It is amazing how fast this year has whizzed us by. I have to be honest, it has been like this since I turned 18! Not sure what we will be doing this year, one thing we know - Hubby, I, the cat and fish will celebrate the festive season together.

I can't wait to put up our 6ft tall Christmas tree along with the decorations. Hang twinkle lights on the front and back of the house. Bring out all my Christmas ornaments, etc...all these will happen on December 1st!

It has got me thinking about Christmas Day. What will we have and how will we do it.

We usually start Christmas morning by putting on very tacky Christmas Music CD (as per our tradition, we buy a tacky one every year), open the presents followed by with a "light" Christmas Breakfast - home made egg nog (hubby makes it) and plum pudding. We relax for an hour or so then we start cooking!

We recently found out that our hooded BBQ has a rottiserie function and a few weekends ago, we tried it out with pork and was the pork crispy (on the fat side) and juicy (on the meat side)! So we would probably attempt something similar. You see, the weather is usually very steamy and hot during this period as it is best to confine the main cooking to outdoors. The hooded BBQ is also fantastic for cooking roast vegetables! One thing for sure, we will have a few cold salads in the fridge as well along with heaps of cold drinks!

On the subject of cold, I am thinking of a cold dessert for Christmas Lunch. Yes, I could make a trifle but if there is just the two of us eating - it is far too much trouble. So I thought I might make Tiramisu instead! I have a fail proof recipe guaranteed to turn any novice into a gourmet chef!

Tiramisu "The Magusta Way"
Serves 4
Cooking Time 30 mins


2 egg yolks
200mls hot espresso coffee (or strong instant coffee)
50g caster sugar
200g savoiardi (sponge fingers)
300g mascarpone
100g dark chocolate, shaved
2 egg whites
Cocoa powder for dusting
pinch of salt
Baileys Irish Cream

1. In a medium bowl beat egg yolks and half the sugar until thick and pale, then add the mascarpone and continue to beat until smooth. Whisk egg whites with the remaining sugar and pinch of salt until soft peaks form, then fold into mascarpone.
2. In a small bowl, dip half the savoiardi biscuits soaking until just damp (do not soak all the way through). Arrange in the base of four coffee cups. (It may be necessary to break the biscuits to fit)
3. Use half the mascarpone mixture to cover the biscuits in all four coffee cups. Sprinkle with half the shaved chocolate. Soak the remaining biscuits and form another layer. Top with remaining mascarpone and chocolate.
4. Cover and refrigerate overnight. To serve drizzle the top with Baileys Irish Cream and sprinkle more cocoa.
Dessert is best shared with those you love. Bon apetit!


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