Saturday, November 12, 2005

A full on "off" day

This pic was taken last year when I made Roast Chicken for the first time (in winter, of course!).

Back to my entry re my day off:

It was one of the best "off" days I've had in a long while. You seem my stereotypical off days usually start off with a late wake up call follwed by endless DVD movies and regular intervals of snack.

This day off was very different indeed. For starters, I woke up at 6:30am (the time I wake up to get ready for work), had breakfast, changed and was ready to head out of the door with hubby at 8:30am. The plan was for him to drop me off at DFO (which is only 10 mins drive from his work) so that I could explore this new shopping extravaganza that never fails to attract crowds on a daily basis!

When we got to DFO at 9:00am, to my horror - DFO didn't open till 10am!!! I thought, there's got to be a coffee shop somewhere in this building. I walked around the building and found a loading dock so I gingerly walked in...lo and behold, there's Gloria Jean at the far end! To cut the long story short, I sat at Gloria Jean with a cold drink, Sudoku book and waited...

The crowds started pouring in at 9:30am - doesn't anyone work on Friday? I couldn't believe it. Come 10am - I was a woman on a mission.

There were heaps of shops and I was careful not to be swayed by the many was fantastic! I walked, looked, searched, tried on oodles of clothes...the best part? It is air-conditioned! Just sheer bliss...

Anyway, I set a budget before heading out of the home and I was determine to keep to it. I am proud to say that I did. Here's what I bought:
- Green top (Retail: $45.00, bought it for $19.90)
- Lingerie (Retail: $70.00, bought it for $40.00)
- Royal Doulton Oven Gloves (Retail: $35, bought it for $14.00)
- Royal Doulton Glass Chopping Board (Retail: $50.00, bought it for $17.00)

I have to stop here...Hubby is calling me to the car. We are heading off to Aunty's for dinner. As you can tell, heaps of bargains to be had!


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