Thursday, November 10, 2005

One more day to Friday

It has been a full on 2 weeks and I am over-the-moon to have Friday off! On top of that, tonight is the last episode of "24" - I can watch it to my heart's content without having to record it to VHS and watch it the next day.

So what will I do on Friday? Well, one thing for certain - I will wake up with a big smile on my face!

Instead of a much needed hair appointment, I have decided to make it my personal responsibility to check out the latest shopping outlet in Brisbane next to the airport call DFO aka Duty Free Outlet.

When we drive pass on the weekends, there is always a huge line of cars getting in and traffic comes to a stand still. In fact, there have been incidences where passengers and crew have missed their flights because of the traffic! So I am keeping my fingers cross that it will be a breeze tomorrow.

Shopping, I come!


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