Wednesday, November 16, 2005

A very Diversified QLD

Woke up to a rather cool morning due to overnight storm activity across Brisbane. Came into work early and it is a most glorious day - cool, clear and sunny. If only summer was like this all year round - wishful thinking on my part, that's for certain!

On a day like this, I'd rather be at the hill top cafe at Mt. Glorious eating Pumpkin Soup followed by Devonshire Tea and scones but it is Wednesday, so I am here at work and not there!
Talking about work, hubby went to Weipa yesterday morning. Weipa is located 838km north of Cairns with a population of over 3,000 people and is a 6 hour flight from Brisbane! If hubby flew another 1.5 hour north, he would reach Bali!
I couldn't reach him the entire day because there is no mobile signal - that is how isolated it is! He rang from a public phone (he hasn't used one in years) last night with his last coin to tell me that he was very hungry and the only accommodation available (his company booked it) is at a camp site in the form of a demountable with a crappy air-con unit and no ensuite (he has to use a common bathroom and toilet - talk about culture shock)!
To make matters worse, the only food place aka pub was shut (bloody pub - what time zone are they on, it was only 8pm!) ... not surprisingly, he vows never to take on a job in Weipa ever again! I dare not tell hubby at the time of call that I was having a juicy pork loin chop and a huge serving fresh salad for dinner.Poor hubby went to bed grumpy, tired and hungry!
It brings to mind how vast this state of QLD is let alone the country. Hubby's encounter reminded me of my own experience when I went to North QLD for the first time.
Mackay is the place - only 2 hours flight north of Brisbane. A principal was to pick me up and my recollection of him when he was in Brisbane - a humourous chap with good dress sense (pants and shirt). I could hardly contain my shock when I saw him in the Mackay Airport - he was so different. Still humourous but instead of pants and shirt...he was in shirt but shorts and socks pulled up to his knees and shoes. No joke. I looked around me and I am not kidding - most of the men his age (late 40's) were dressed in the same fashion!!!! Talk about dressing appropriately. One way for the city and another way for the regional towns.
Queensland. A melting pot of cultures! I love it!


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