Tuesday, November 22, 2005

What if...

There are so many 'what if' moments in my life. I often wonder what if this had happened then this wouldn't have happened, etc etc.

Take for example, what if I wasn't the only child in the family - I wouldn't have had the opportunity to travel and experience the world beyond the causeway.

What if my mother never over-fed me and didn't inspire me to cook, then maybe, I would slim and lanky!

What if my father never insisted that I spoke only the english language at home and that I had to read a (english) book every week, then perhaps I wouldn't be writing my blog in english!

What if I didn't undertake my university year in Brisbane and didn't attend the church that I did, I wouldn't have met my hubby. So then, what would I be doing today? Would I still be happily married or would I be single & bored with life?

There are so many questions in life that goes unanswered and the 'what if' types are the worst! So then, will I ever stop myself from asking 'what if'? Probably not...because 'what if' I did, then I will stop questioning the meaning of my being.

Just when I think I am going bonkers, I have just revived myself!!!


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