Thursday, December 15, 2005

~11 more days to Christmas~

Wow! 11 more days to Christmas and before we know it, it will be New Year's Eve!

The company Christmas Party was enjoyable though a little humid with much reprive from the gentle breeze. Everyone was friendly and it was a sea of smiling faces! Just fantastic. However, my feet was killing me by the end of the night! Got home and hubby had kindly bought me my requested items from the supermarket on his way home from work earlier. THANK YOU!

Yes, I am making another batch of Rumballs! They have been going like hot cakes. Despite being tired and sore, I worked on step 1 of my rumballs - gently breaking up the dark fruit cake till they resemble bread crumbs and then coating them with very generous splashes of Bundaberg Rum. Hubby who was at the other end of the house actually asked at the top of his voice "is that Rum I am smelling?" Boy, I must have added heaps of rum! Goodie!!! Then I put Gladwrap over the mixture and let it stew in the fridge until I work on them tonight.

Since I had the company digital camera last night, I thought I'd take a few pics of the Chrismassy things around the home.

Pic 1 Centrepiece on dinning table
Pic 2 Christmas Tree (it has heaps of lights on it but for some reason, didn't come up on the pic)
Pic 3 Lounge Area in Family Room - poinsettias from the boss
Pic 4 Wooden X'mas tree sits on the kitchen island, the carolers in front of the tree actually moves and sings!


At 11:02 AM, Blogger serene said...

wow! the christmasy thingies around the home certainly looks....christmasy!!! i would so love to have one of those carolers moving christmas tree thingies, but knowing my little 'monster'... it'd be wrecked the following morning :) and you are looking fabulous honey!

At 2:20 PM, Blogger Magdalene said...

thanks serene!

I figure the only time of the year to be tacky and still come across as classy is during Christmas! So might as well go all out so everyone can enjoy and bask in the spirit of the season!

My "little monster" comes in the form of our cat child. She used to knock over the wooden christmas tree but she has since learnt not to do that because I squirt her with water from a bottle. Of course, you can't do that to a human child! hahaha...

thanks for the compilation. That particular pic was version 53, no joke!


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