Tuesday, December 06, 2005

9 more days of work this year

I am counting down to my annual leave. 9 more work days for the year to be exact. Looking back, I cannot begin to comprehend how quickly this year has passed.

2005 has been a character defining year for me. A year of much growth and conflict. I suppose it is better this way because that means I am moving forward as an adult as opposed to being stagnant. Here are some of my highlights:

  • The "still coming to terms" that mum and dad will always see me as their little girl as opposed to being in reality a married woman who left home at 21 and home for me is a 7.5 hours flight from them!
  • The ability to run three successful conferences across the state that was attended by over 520 delegates!
  • The capacity to negotiate with international and local speakers for mate's rates!
  • The resilience in working with 12 bosses across the State!
  • The patience to deal with politicians and their finger pointing game!
  • The tolerance in working with highly demanding commercial sponsors who want everything!
  • The tenacity to handle a turn over of half a million dollar for a non-profit organisation!
  • The creativity of producing multiple corporate communication materials in a flash!
  • The enjoyment of keeping regular contact with 1,200 school leaders across the state through my initiation of a bi-weekly email update
  • The heart-break of losing a dear friend from Chronic Depression
  • The gratefulness that he chose to spend his last day with us
  • The "coming to terms" that there was nothing more anyone could have done for dear friend
  • The convenience of air travel so that we could farewell him in Geelong, Melbourne
  • The compassion that Chronic Depression affects everyone and anyone
  • The knowledge that my husband loves me for who and what I am
  • The security that my husband will be here for me in all circumstances and tolerate my nonsenses!
  • The maturity of my love for my husband - that he is a truely remarkable person who leaves cupboard doors open and not put things back in their original spots!
  • The appreciation of the simplest things in life! e.g waking up each morning, having a job
  • The importance of a small network of very good friends!
  • The "need to learn" how and when to surrender when all else fails!
  • The significance of being a good listener, kind and considerate (as often as possible)!
  • The convenience of cyberspace - MSN messenger to keep in contact with friends from overseas and blogging to share my thoughts with others!
  • The miracle of a baby (no, I am not with child) and the privildge of parenthood (salute to Sue & Ken and Serene)
  • The mastery of the lawn mower!
  • The bliss of quiet weekends with the cat next to me, in bed
  • The warmth of a freshly brewed cup of tea accompanied by a "feel good" book
  • The desperation for some quiet times as opposed to spending 5 hours at the hair salon!
  • The luxury of good sun screen so my face will stop producing freckles in this heat!
  • The excitement of hanging up Christmas lights to enhance the spirit of the season in the neighbourhood
  • The rejuvenation of oneself through tears and self-consultation!
  • The joy of hearing our cat meowing loudly when we step in the door!
  • The fact that I am alive, well and kicking!
  • The acknowlegment that risk is the refusal to forget desire!

I will no doubt enjoy kicking back during my 4 weeks annual leave.

Starting with sleeping in while hubby prepares himself for work, enjoying breakfast at a leisurely pace, hanging out with myself or with another friend from time to time, watch DVD movies till I am truely bored, marvel at the wonders of Christmas, spending a peaceful new year's eve with hubby, pack for my solo holiday to Sydney for a week to spend with cousin who got engaged and a girlfriend who will be setting off to the UK to be with her beloved...

I say, BRING IT ON, 2006! I am ready for a new year with brand new beginnings. My motto for 2006?

To have an extraordinary life...I might as well!!!


At 5:19 AM, Anonymous Sue said...

Have you actually spent 5 hours at a hairsalon before????

At 9:45 AM, Blogger Magdalene said...

Yes I have...it is so long. First, the hair dreeser speaks to me say 15 mins about what I want to do, then she takes out a folder of colours for me, etc etc...pre-wash before cut, then colour, etc etc...oh boy! I always go in at about noon and don't surface till 5pm! That's why I only go there twice a year..yes, I only do my hair every 6 months! Very low maintainence I am.

At 11:38 PM, Anonymous Sue said...

I'm lucky if I am allowed to cut my hair once a year and Ken is utterly shock but then again he has spent a few times in the 80's 3 hours perming his hair, now he cuts his own hair. As I have told ken time and again, if we met in the 80's I would not come anywhere near him, then again, if we did not meet on the net, I would not want to get to know him, not my kind.....

At 11:21 AM, Blogger Magdalene said...

You are hilarious, Sue!

When all I can say to that is, Ken and you are fated to be together.

The story of your love story is amazing. The courage for you to not come back and get married in Normway hence defying the family expections of you, etc etc.


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