Monday, December 19, 2005

Adventures onboard the train

Monday. Today marks the last work Monday for the year. Hooray!!!

Hubby told me on Sunday that he would like to take me out on a breakfast date on Monday (today) and I thought, what a fantastic idea and way to mark the last work Monday for the year.

We woke up at the normal time and took a train into the city instead of car for practical reasons. The train trip alone was an adventure in itself. Got on the train and tried looking for a 2 seater. We spotted a 2-seater which faces another 2-seater with a man sitting on one of the 2-seater.

There was a large sports bag placed across the other 2-seater, we approached the man passenger opposite and asked him to remove his bag. His response was, "Oh...the Melbourne Train guys are sitting there. You can't sit there." Huh?! Melbourne? But we are here in Brisbane. In the croweded train, hubby told that man passenger that he was a WACKO and I quickly pulled him along in search of other seats. Don't want to create a scene.

Finally found a seat but not together. A woman passenger in the opposite isle told us that the "wacko" guy has been wacko for the last couple of weeks. That explains.

Anyway, the man passenger next to me was doing Sudoku. My favourite puzzle so I decided to chat with him, briefly. He responded and it was evident that he wanted to be left alone. Hubby sat next to a buy who was studying biblical scriptures for his exams and hubby, being a biblical buff tried making conversation but again, it was evident that he too wanted to be left alone. Must be Monday Blues...

When we got off the train, hubby told me that the passenger studying biblical scriptures was going through all the scriptures on death! No wonder, he didn't want to talk! My goodnesss..what a thing to read on Monday!

We got off at our Station and went to the Hilton Hotel for a most scrumptious breakfast! What a fantastic way to start Monday.

Hubby then walked me to the post office for me to collect mail (my colleague has been on leave since Friday) and then walked me to work, said Hi to my boss and went on his merry way into the city.

He will come by again at about 2:30pm and we'll take the train home together. Ahhh....what a romantic and adventure filled day!
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At 9:21 AM, Anonymous Sue said...

You obviously need either another pet or a kid if you have time to write 3 blogs on your vacation. People usually have too much catching up with housework or do you have a maid....??

At 12:54 PM, Blogger Magdalene said...

There was so much happening over the weekend and no, I am not on vacation. In fact, I am still at work and my blog entries only take me on average 10 mins to write. No, I do not have a maid. Hubby and I work very well on the domestic front so it is cope-able!


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