Saturday, December 10, 2005

Attack of the Wasps!

Came home from work on Friday and didn't particularly feel hungry because of the humidity and heat but was in a giving mood. So I went over to my neighbours with a gift of my home-made rumballs. I stayed longer than expected as the conversations rolled on.

When I got home, I found frozen vegetables scattered all over my kitchen floor. Surely, it is not the cat. How can she even open the fridge door? I looked over at the patio area and there was hubby holding a bag of frozen vegetables on the back of his neck. I went to him and he told me that while he was mowing the backyard, he got stung by wasps on his neck?! Upon inspecting the "injury", which I could bearly see..I thought best be sympathetic in this situation, not be sacarstic and let him feel sorry for himself as he went on about how the sting might have infected one of his many veins on the neck, etc etc.

Anyway, after a couple of minutes..with me picking up the frozen vegetables all over the floor...hubby got himself armoured in his work overalls (one piece button down outfit with long sleeves and long pants), towel around his head, a cap on top of it, heavy duty gloves and steel cap boots (just in case, he gets stung in the foot).

With his battle gear on, he walked gallantly over to me and asked, "Honey, where are all our fly spray cans?" I procceded to hand him two and off he went to the backyard aka battle field to face his "enemies". So this is his weapon of choice - Home Brand Fly Spray. Hmmnn...okie dokie. I quickly shut all the security screen doors, grapped the cat and watched in anticipation.

It was drop dead funny. He proceeded to the two areas with concentration and caution and when the wasps came out, he would stun them with his two fly sprays and then run backwards while looking at them... guess what, it worked! He was mighty proud of himself. He has defeated the enemy and hence, saved his neck and feet but also his beloved family.

My hubby, my hero.


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