Friday, December 23, 2005

I am melting...

Today is my 2nd day of holiday.

A rude shock in the form of weather news on tv made me reach out for my air-con remote to lower the temp further! It will be 36C today.

Not only that, we have to brace ourselves for a super sweaty Christmas Day. Brisbane is in for its hottest December 25 on record.

The weather bureau expects the temperature to hit 38C and 39C further west in Ipswich. So why do people still flock to Ipswich to live, I wonder?

No, I am not going to spend the rest of the day in air-con bedroom. In fact, I have been doing housework, making 2 different kinds of christmas desserts in advance, etc etc all so in the hope that the time will pass quickly!

Time for me to fill the bath full of cold water (keeping fingers crossed that the water streaming out will be cold and not hot!) and lay in there until it is no longer cool!!!!


At 10:17 PM, Anonymous Sue said...

You still have not sent me your home address...........???


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