Friday, December 09, 2005

I'm on a mission...

Yes! Yes! Yes! They are rumballs alright. I made 30 last weekend and we are already down to only 10! Yes, only 10 left and only two of us eating them. No wonder, I have been sleeping so well every night.

Off to the supermarket tonight for my weekly food shopping and will buy ingredients for rumballs again because I doubt the current ones will last us till Christmas. They are absolutely screw-up free!

If you want to curb your temptation from going overboard with your consumption, put a dozen or so in those trendy chinese take away boxes and give it to friends and family as Christmas presents. It is all about the season of giving.

If you don't want to use real rum, imitation rum is also quite acceptable! If you are serving them as a treat on the spot, best serve them straight from the freezer esp. the real rum ones because they won't be frozen hard due to the alcohol and it makes for a very refreshing and decadent treat!

I am so please that the work week is coming to an end. In the next few hours, time will be of my own choosing.

Brisbane and the greater Brisbane area experienced a huge summer storm at 5:30pm yesterday lasting for 30 minutes. But the winds were so destructive that two people died. A lady died in her home because a falling branch pierced into her window and then to her, the other was road-related. My heart goes out to their families.

More storms are predicted later this afternoon and throughout the summer season. Best to stay indoors I say. There is nothing better than staying at home during a storm and indulging in leisurely activities like making rumballs, reading a good book or simply lounge around and watch the lighting and thunder display across the sky.

Listened to a melancholic song by Celine Dion over the radio yesterday... not sure what the title of the song is but I am sure you will know it when I mention the lyrics...something like "So it is Christmas, what have you done, another year over..." made me think of my friend, Myra who mentioned about it in her blog a few weeks ago and also made me think about what I have done this year and if I had any regrets...time for the count-down!

How about you - another year over...what you have done?


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