Friday, December 16, 2005

Lazy Friday

The Christmas Spirit has well and truly dawned upon the office. We had morning coffee with home-made Christmas goodies and exchanged presents! Of course, I brought rumballs. 12 to be exact and they have all been digested into our bellies! In the next few minutes, we will be off for Christmas lunch, courtesy of the boss! Even more fantastic!

The boss bought me a New York T-shirt (of which Hubby will be "fighting" with me over), a christmassy tea light candle holder (I love this stuff) and a christmassy portpurri (love it!). I gave him a bottle of port aged 15 years. From my colleague, I received a most delicate crystal vase (simply gorgous and I love crystals). I gave her a calendar for mothers, it is magnetic, has stickers, can put every family member's name on it, etc etc...she couldn't stop flipping it and is already planning on it!

Lack of work motivation is what I would class myself under this week. Coming to work because I have to and not because I want to but at least, I enjoy being with the team - no bitchiness whatsoever. My colleagues goes on leave at the end of today and I will have mine next Friday. It will just be boss and I - lonely, lonely.

Hubby and I are looking forward to a weekend of activity (3 social appointments tomorrow) and poor hubby has to work on Sunday! Yippeee...that means I will have the home all to myself!

Opps...better get going! Time for Christmas lunch!


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