Thursday, December 22, 2005

Multiple Stops...

Yesterday's highlight was definitely leaving the office at 12 noon and knowing that I will not be returning till Monday 23 January 2006.

There was a spring in my step as I headed two blocks down to Queen St Mall. I was a woman on a mission. Christmas shopping, to be exact. All the lead up to Christmas is infectiously exciting, isn't it?

First stop: BIG W
A family shopping outlet with great stuff at great prices. I have to put together a few "Santa" gifts under the tree at home. Yes, we get gifts from Santa and I am Santa in our household.

Second Stop: Polo Ralph Lauren
Got two more gifts for the hubby.

Third Stop: Dusk Candle Shop
More Christmas Candles and Christmas wreaths for the candles

Fourth Stop: Bed, Bath and Table
Christmas ornaments (the traditional wooden ones in shapes of houses, reindeers, etc etc) at 50% off so I bought 2 boxes!

Fifth and final Stop: Myer
Bought 2 jars of condiments for Christmas lunch

It was 2:30pm by that time and I have had enough of the shops, christmas music and crowds! So I lugged all my shopping and went straight for the train station. However, hot and dizzy I was from the shopping - I was well pleased with my purchases.

My holiday has just begun :)


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