Monday, December 19, 2005

Off to Beaudesert on Saturday

Saturday saw us driving to Beaudesert. About an hour west of Brisbane. This was our last trip to Beaudesert to catch up with mum-in-law.

You see, she is heading off to Singapore this Thursday (22 Dec 05) for a two year posting as an english teacher to toddlers and kindergarten children at a private school in the eastern region of the island. We will most certainly miss her and know that she will have a fantastic time working and traveling!

Good luck, Mum! We are so very proud of you! 8-) 8-)

The drive from Brisbane to Beaudesert is very relaxing and picturesque. Here are some pics from our road trip:

As you can tell, everything is nice and green - all thanks to the summer storms! And you know you have hit town when traffic starts to build up! Welcome to Beaudesert.

That is Jared and his mum in front of her lovely home. The kangeroos? Yes, that's her backyard! Isn't that cool? Yes, she has a fence so they don't come over to her property.

We then went to the local RSL for a lovely lunch in air-con of course. It was 34C at 11am...can't imagine what it was like during lunch time at about 12noon! The lunch was fantastic! There was ample to eat, the presentation was wonderful and the food was very tasty.

It was a lovely afternoon catching up, not so much farewell. There was a tinge of sadness, naturally. But there is also a lot of hope and positive energy. We departed with no tears but with plenty of hugs and of course, the promise to record every episode of McLeod's Daughters onto DVD!


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