Saturday, December 03, 2005

Pre-Christmas Cooking Experiment

My Italian colleague brought some super duper rumballs to work this week. They were moist and divine esp. with coffee. That inspired me to indulge in some pre-christmas cooking albeit experiment last night (Friday).

I have to say, this is the single simplest delicate thing I have ever made in my limited 'dessert' culinary being. You see, I am not good at making desserts or anything remotely delicate. My definition of dessert is supermarket bought ice-cream and fresh fruit.

On the other hand, I am your savoury cook - give me a leg of lamb anyday! When it comes to precise measurements and too many steps, I am at a loss. It is as if, I cannot comprehend instructions or am simply too impatient!

Anyway, you will read very shortly why this has been of great success because (1) it only has 4 ingredients and (2) it does not too many step-by-step instructions (3) so simple to make! Here goes...

ME Rumballs
serves 30

1 dark fruit cake (supermarket variety)
1 x 250g dark cooking chocolate
50g butter/margarine
Real Rum (recommended brand: Bundaberg Rum, of course!)

Step-By-Step Instructions

1. In a deep bowl, break up dark fruit cake using fingers. Pour 1/2 cup of rum over mixture. Mix it well. Cover with cling wrap. Set aside for overnight if you can. (I was too impatient and only left it alone for 2 hours, but still GOOD!)

2. In a microwave bowl, cook the cooking chocolate in the microwave according to instructions on pack. In a seperate microwave container, melt margarine/butter in the microwave for 15 seconds.

3. Pour melted chocolate and margarine/butter into dark fruit cake and rum mixture. Mix very well.

4. Take a tablespoon of mixture and shape it with the palm of your hands until they resemble golf balls. Place each rumball into small paper cake cups to prevent each rumballs froms sticking together. Refrigerate overnight to allow the rum to infuse.

5. You may also choose to roll your rumballs in dessicated coconut or chocolate bits for texture and presentation. I left mine au natural. It is simply divine!

Tip: The rumballs keep very well because they are alcohol laden. If you love your rum, add more to the mixture. They freeze well for a long time. So make plenty now and freeze them. When friends come over, thaw them out on your kitchen benchtop and they would compliment you to no end!


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