Friday, December 02, 2005

Roller Coaster Ride

No, I didn't go to a theme park during the week. Rather it has been an emotional roller-coaster ride for me. For my own sanity, I have attributed part of it to my hormones at present.

Issue #1
Work-related. I am feeling rather loss with the new direction the company has decided to take on in relaation with sponsorships. As an organisation of high esteem, we are not lacking in commercial interests . Some of our sponsors have been with us for 9 years and all of them deliver high quality service and products. So what's my point? Well, there is a tendering process in place and it is not a pleasant one. Some sponsors have rang to express their disappointment (they know they will lose in the tendering process) and have been "emotionally blackmailing me" about how good they have been for the association and that it is heartless of us to put them through the tendering process. I totally understand where they are coming from and most of their feedback is also valid. Yes, I know it is business and not personal. I suppose I need to toughen myself up and not let their comments affect me because it is afterall business and not personal, right?

Issue #2
Mum. Been avoiding her. More specifically, didn't ring her last weekend so she sent me a short pissed off email about it. I cannot deal with her right now. Too much pressure from her and also her bitchy attitude. Cannot take it. I rather avoid it than face it because to be honest, I am in no mental state to deal with it. So I sent her email citing excuse of work and that I will be in contact with her this weekend. I love my mum but I hate what she is turning into - whinging, bitchy woman. My hour long weekly calls to her is always about her. She never asks how I have been. Typical. To the point, I no longer share with her my triumphs and trials because she doesn't seem interested. It hurts...

Issue #3
The execution of an Australian drug trafficker in Singapore. It has dominated the news in the last fortnight. Where do I stand on the Capital Punishment? Well, I never knew how barbaric it was until I read the gruesome step-by-step in the papers this week. I was sick to my stomach and couldn't eat. I fully understand the arguments in both camps. He is a drug trafficker and knows full well the consequences of bringing it into Asia esp. Singapore and the amount of heroine would have "satisfied" 26,000 hits! On the other hand, he did it out of desperation (unfortunately, very typical) to pay off the debts of his twin who was involved in drugs. I do not feel sorry for him at all. I feel for his mother, who escaped from Vietnam and gave birth to twin boys in a Thai Refugee Camp and then migrated to Australia to give her boys a better life! He is by no means a hero in this case...however, does two wrongs make it right? [Hanging + drug trafficking= yes?]..I don't know.

Victory #1
Our late friend, Paul Bodington who passed away in June this year has been honored at a media awards ceremony this week! He won the 2005 Sporting Wheelies and Disabled Association Media Award and it's also been annouced that from 2006, this award will be named after him - Paul Bodington Media Award.

This award recognises excellence in media coverage which increases sport, recreation and fitness for people with a disability, through print, radio or television. Their work has promoted disability sport in a positive way to the wider community.

Even in his passing, he is still making the world a better place! Cheers, Bods!

Victory #2
We finally have ADSL. It has taken a long time before our new estate has been hooked up! So we have waiting for a long long time...yes, we were on dial-up. It was a real pain in the rear to say the least.

Victory #3
42" Plasma TV arrived on Wednesday. It looks fantastic and as you can imagine, we have been glued to it like bees to honey! We have since watched "Day after tomorrow", "The Gladiator", "Bridget Jones Diary I" and "Bridget Jones Diary II" on it. It is absolutely fantastic!

Victory #4
Came up with the Christmas Lunch menu and it is well-received by hubby and our friends who will be with us on Christmas Day!

In conclusion, I am just glad it is Friday. I am heading to the shops in a short moment to buy presents... as quote a fair bit of it needs to be sent overseas.


At 2:00 AM, Anonymous simmetra said...

Wow, what a long update!

Re work: Yes it is all about biz. Let them emotionally blackmail away but remember, do what you need to do by work ethics.

Re mom: I'm starting to think menopause, u think? I've heard menopause can turn mothers into real bitches. Give her about 5 years, give or take. Pity your dad who has to deal with her on a daily basis.

At 10:57 AM, Blogger Magdalene said...

my colleague mentioned echoed the same sentiments as you re mum. I also think she is starting menopause - my goodness! it is awful...with all that emotional garbage! She is turning me into a wreck!

Thanks for sensible advice re work. I shall remember exactly that. Abide by my work ethics.



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