Sunday, December 04, 2005

Summer Heat

After a week long of hail and storm, it would seem that the weather has decided to descend its heat upon us. Today marks the 4th day of summer.

Woke up to a hot, sticky morning. I dread the heat and cannot believe it is already beating me defenseless. Hubby decided to make himself a hot breakfast of grilled chesse and baked beans on toast. He offered to make one for me to which I declined...I cannot bring myself to introduce more heat into my already hot being. So I settled for gluten free museli with fresh cold apricots topped with soy milk - much, much better.

We lazed around, read the papers and were getting bored. Heat does "strange" things to people - makes us all irritable and bored! So where did we go? To the non air-conditioned Hardware Store?! This hardware store is also a nursery and we went there to get 21kg of mulch for our front yard, fertiliser and soil! Dragged it all home and decided it is not wise to indulge in yard work in the heat of the day. So we left our purchases on the front lawn and will work on it this evening.

Next - lunch time. I was thinking of cold cold salad. But hubby had different ideas - he wanted BBQ sausages! I surrender - can't be bothered talking sense into him. So I thawed the lamb and herb sausages and handed them the tongs and marinated onions. Off he went to the backyard - cooked the lamb and onions on the barbecue undernealth our very big umbrella for shade. Sucker for sausages, this one! To cut the long story short, he left the serving up to me while he dashed to the bathroom for a cold shower.

Lunch was over before we knew it. I have to say, it was very yummy. We downed the hot lunch with glasses of iced water.

Not doing much today - laze away at home under the fan. Keep cool and wait for the sun to set. One thing for sure - the air con in the bedroom will be turned on tonight at a low 20C! Don't care of hubby complains of the cold...he is married to a hot blooded asian woman!


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