Sunday, January 15, 2006

Front Yard Make-Over complete!

Yesterday, I shared my reflections on "Hard Yakka". Check out the pics that come with it.

Yes, it was hard work but also highly enjoyable because I could track the results every step of the way. Being the impatient person I am, this is a great project to undertake.

Before we went off to bed last night at midnight no less, we set our alarms to go off at 6am today (sunday) because we are determine to get to the Sunday Markets and score ourselves more very cheap but high quality plants.

To say the least, our bones and musles are aching today but our tenacity and determination did not hold us back one bit, however tired we are. The power of the mind and heart combined yields unbelievable results!!!

We are proud to present you our Front Yard Make-Over! Check out the Before and After photos:

The "Before"

The "After"

We have one more ginger plant to arrive next Sunday. We are ecstatic with the results and can't wait for them to grow up healthy and strong (albeit: big).


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