Saturday, January 14, 2006

Hard Yakka!

That is aussie lingo for "hard work" and that is exactly how I spent my Saturday.

You see, for some reason I could not slumber in the comfort of my air-conditioned bedroom on Friday night. To be precise, Friday the 13th. I wonder if that is the reason for my sleepless night.

Instead of tossing and turning in bed, I sought the companionship of my ever reliable laptop. Off to cyberspace I went and had a most enjoyable night/early morning of chatting with two girlfriends, one in Norway and the other in Singapore. I only got to bed at 3:30am on Saturday morning.

At 7:00am, hubby woke me up with great enthusiasm - all rearing to go. Go where you ask? To the landscaping supplies down the road, of course. This is the place where you can buy anything and everything to do with landscaping in bulk (YES, they open for business very early!). I wasn't impress, to say the least. Nonetheless, I dragged my sleep induced body and brain out of bed and off we went.

Why do we have to be there at that time of the morning? Well, my father-in-law was coming at 8am to do our front yard! Do I trust him with that audious task? Oh I most certainly do. He is famous for turning bare patches of nothing into Botanic Gardens! I have seen his handy work first hand and am most impress.

Our front yard. Pre father-in-law magic
Our lush green lawn...thanks to the humidity and heavy overnight dew

Father-in-law marking out the area and arrival of truck
Yes, no help whatsoever from machines. It is 100% labour, 200% strength and 1000% determination!

Father-in-law and yours truely working under scorching heat!
Definitely 2000% determination! We have a good system - he digs, I pick, hubby takes it away to be dumped

Starting to take shape
Yipee...some plants in! Definitely two thumbs up. arms are getting sun burnt!

60% complete!
Oh boy...We are getting very excited. All the different foliage and colours plus sandstone makes it so unique!

After this, we continued with more digging. Extending the garden bed further.

The completed transformation will be revealed in the next 24 hours. Hubby and I are off to the Sunday Markets tomorrow to buy more plants. Yes, another early start. But it will be so worth it! Watch this space.


At 11:56 PM, Anonymous Sue said...

Care to send your father in law here during spring time and transform our jugle into something more respectable?
I think my neighbours would pay for it as theirs are immaculate without a single trace of weed. My idea of gardening is sending my husband out to mow the lawn......

At 9:14 AM, Blogger Magdalene said...

he will come if you pay for airfare and accommodation! without his guidance and help, I highly doubt we'd be able to do something that looks half as decent!

with your jungle - go out with a big parang and slash the overgrowth. you will be amaze how fantastic it would look but trimming it..just like having a hair cut!

At 1:19 AM, Blogger serene said...

well dear, kudos - bravos - all those stuff to your dad-in-law!! he did a fantastic job! (like watching one of those "renovate my frontyard" reality show).....

and i'm glad you enjoyed sydney... looking fab, fab, fab dear!!


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