Sunday, January 01, 2006

Hello 2006!

2005 was an eventful year to say the least however the manner in which it was farewelled was nothing short of fuss-free.

We headed to Linton's place for the last time (he will be moving on from there and moving in with his lovely girlfriend - good on you!) . We were there last year as well but this time it was different, someone very dear to us left us in June 2005. Paul Bodington.

He would have been the life of the party, the one who would continuously serve us till we burst at our seams, the one who would know everyone's name and the one who would bring all the tacky props for the year end celebrations. He was THE ONE. Paul wasn't there in person but I am sure he was there in spirit.

We sat around the backyard in deck chairs, leather chairs, foldable chairs while Linton and Jas (his gf) went about cooking the BBQ and putting out the delicious salads. We ate, chatted, drank and ate more...then at 11:30pm, all 9 of us walked 10 minutes towards the river along with heaps of others and sat by the river's edge to watch the fireworks and welcomed 2006 with champagne in disposable plastic cups! I love it! It is tacky, predictable and so very down to earth. Just the way I would like 2006 to be. Down to earth.

A world that is down to earth, a world that is considerate, a world that does not try to be more than it is, a world that will go back to basics - where the citizens are kind and understanding, where the children can run free, where people can take public transport and know that they will be safe, where there will be clean air, clean drinking water and enough food for survival. A world without poverty, child slavery, cruelty to animals and all the other nasties. A world that promotes equal opportunity for all. A world where no one will be judged by the color of their skin, accent, dress code, size or what brand of handbag they carry. A world without judgement. A world of acceptance. What a beautiful world that will be.



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