Saturday, January 07, 2006

Sleepless in Sydney

Had another fun day with my cousin. Headed into the city more specifically to Paddy's Market as she had to buy Abalone flavoured macademia nuts from her friends in Singapore. She took me to have super duper yummy seafood laksa at the food court - absolutely authentic! Then we walked 20 minutes to QVB (Queen Victoria Building - my favourite shopping centre in the city). Came home and her fiance outdid himself with dinner!

After a fun day, you'd think I'd be able to hit the hay. In fact is was a frustrating night of tossing and turning - watched 2 dvd movies, went to the toilet, did 3 sudoku puzzles and next thing you know it is 5am! I am still bright eyed and bushy tail! Oh no!!!!!!

Somehow, when I did fall asleep...I woke up at 8am absolutely "angry"! Oh well...better wear myself out today!!! Don't want a repeat performance of last night/early this morning...sleepless in Sydney...


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