Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Sydney: Social Galore!

It dawned upon me yesterday evening that I actually have a larger social network here in Sydney and those networks all live within 20 minutes of each other and that is on public transport!

The weekend saw me hanging out with my cousin and her lovely fiance in the city. We went to one of my favourite spots "The Rocks" located next to Circular Quay. Beautiful part of city lined with Victorian architecture and just heaps of people. The markets were great, just the way I remember them. We then spent the rest of the day hanging out by the harbour - though it was packed, there was a certain serenity about it as there is water all around us. Sydney is such a beautiful city!

We also went to the Fish market for yummy seafood lunch! The Sashimi was so fresh - I reckon if we lived in Sydney, I would drag hubby to the Fish Market at least every fortnight to buy fresh seafood but also to eat there!

Met up with Danielle. Haven't seen her in over a year. Went to Crows Nest for dinner and found out that she will be heading up to Brisbane this week so we will catch up again. It is lovely to have friends whom I can re-connect with after not having kept in regular contact during the past year. There are just some friends who will always be friends that don't need the regular upkeep. It was bliss!

Monday saw me head into the city to meet with a potential speaker for one of the conferences I am managing this year and as we got talking - we realised that for the last week that I have been in Sydney, we would have cross paths a few times because her practice is literally on the next street from where I have been staying in Chatswood!

Spent Monday evening with Katrina, a very dear friend who will be leaving Australia soon to join her boyfriend in the UK. Stayed with her and met Homer, her adorable cat for the first time. He looks like a 5kg Christmas Ham - so well taken care of and loves Katrina dearly. He made me miss Tanzetta all the more. Then I realise that there was one friend I hadn't even rung because I have simply forgotten all about him! Doug.

Rang Doug and decided that we'd meet up tonight - Tuesday here in Chatswood. Lo and behold, he only lives in the next suburb! What a coincidence and convenience! Haven't seen him since the wedding. He was our Best Man.

It is amazing how we get so caught up with our own lives during the year and when an opportunity like a vacation comes along, we marvel at how we have simply prioritised tasks over friendships! I am simply grateful that my friendships are so understanding and tolerant!

Then my aunt from Brisbane rang me and told me that she is in Sydney and wants to meet up for Yum Cha! I onyl saw her three weeks ago - feels good that I am so 'wanted' by my social networks.

Tomorrow - Wednesday will be my last full day in Sydney. Definitely praying for good weather because it would be a shame if I didn't make it to Bondi Beach and have a drink at "Breakers". Then in the evening, cousin's fiance suggested for us to head to Centrepoint (Revolving Restaurant in Sydney). I am so looking forward to it because I have never been there and I bet the views would be absolutely breathe-taking!

I need to catch my breathe now...


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