Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Tanzetta - our house cat and pseudo child

This is our 3 year old Siamese female cat, Tanzetta.

Named after her grandmother who was a prized pedigreed Siamese cat. Tanzetta is 7th generation but she is not show quality as she is too small. That's exactly why we bought her - not for show but for us to enjoy.

She goes by the nicknames of Tansie, Tansie Pansie, Tanzetta Pancetta or when we are extremely cross with her "TANZETTA!"

She is very clever and knows exactly what to do to gain our attention and affection, she also knows exactly how to press our buttons and infuriate us. She has also learnt exactly what to do in various circumstances to make us melt and cuddle her no end!

A highly affectionate and sociable cat, she will "talk" for 15 minutes non-stop when we get home from work and follow us around the home. She gets very upset when we go away for the weekend and makes her displeasure very clear by "nagging" for an hour non-stop [I am not joking].

She sits next to me while I prepare our meals and lays on my lap or next to me while we watch television. She will walk all over hubby's keyboard and sits on the other office chair next to him in the study. Yes, she sleeps with us too, in bed.

Her favourite foods are whatever I cook, condensed milk, butter, corn chips, bacon, ham, tuna, etc etc...not to worry, we don't give it to her often and when we do, it is hardly 1/10th of the serve! She eats the best cat food, she hates the supermarket variety. Once we mixed her good cat food with cat food from the supermarket and guess what happened? She sniffed and only ate the good cat food and left the supermarket variety in her bowl!

So what do we not allow her to do? She is not allowed out of the house / in the backyard without a harness and lead as well as supervision from either one of us. Yes, she knows how to walk with a harness and lead on like a dog would. She has never been given that priviledge since she was a 16 week old kitten and we are not about to let her venture out on her own now as she has neither the survival skills nor knows how to come home! We would be heart-broken if she was caught in a fight or worse still, run-over!

We love her to bits...

p.s. my next blog will be from Sydney


At 11:47 PM, Anonymous Sue said...

Baby! Baby! Baby! You can ask me and serene for advice on how to keep your sanity, more me as you would not have your side of the family to help as I dont have here. Hubby can get mine to help him if he wants to be a househusband. How to teach the baby to be gentle to the cat (Ken Daniel has his hands full of scrathes). It may take very long time to get preggie or like other people, they just take a glimpse of the hubby's underware and boom the baby is in the tummy! When we 'meet' at msm I will tell you how my first cat ended up on the roof of the apartment we lived.......

At 12:37 PM, Blogger Magdalene said...

thanks sue! I look forward to the tips from a pro.


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