Thursday, January 19, 2006

Times have change

I never fluttered even an eyelash over a $100 hair cut when I was a Uni student. Yes, I am guilty of having expensive taste. Not only did I have an expensive hair cut but add another $200 on top of that for colour! It doesn't just happen once in a blue happened every 6 weeks. I am not joking. Yes, I was very happening then! I wonder how I manage to pay rent?

But times have surely and truely changed yours truely. Eversince I started working and learnt the hard way to manage my finances by prioritising my NEEDS first before my WANTS, I am now known as the bargain queen. All thanks to the influence of my very practical and "make the dollar work harder" husband.

Most of our "investments" (e.g. furniture, roller blinds, white goods, etc etc) in this home are on "special". We never pay anything full price.

At the Boxing Day Sale, we were browsing through the "throw out electronics" table at David Jones (posh retail outlet) and came across a Panasonic High Definition Set Top Box (normally retails at $700), it was on special for $149 because it was display stock. I walked over to one of the sales guys and asked him if there was anything wrong with the gear and if the 12 month manufacturer's warranty is valid. He provided me with very favourable answers and on the spot, I offered him $139 cash. It was a deal!

Last week, hubby and I finally found an entertainment unit that we are thrilled about (we have been looking patiently for 1.5 years). It is solid teak and normal retail price was $1,700 and it was on sale for $1,200. We went to the sales girl and told her that we will pay $850 on the spot. She checked with her supervisor and told us $900. We said, "Deal!" Now we are proud owners of a brand new entertainment unit!

Yes, I am indeed a changed woman. I continue to strike a "hard bargain" because it gives me a buzz, high one.

Today, I had to make a trip to the hair salon. You see, I only go to the hair salon every 6 months. Twice a year. Why? Because this is one place I cannot bargain and don't want to, in case something "bad" happens to my hair. I have been tying my hair up for the last 4 months so I know, a hair cut and colour is necessary.

Needless to say, it didn't cost me $300. It was lesser than that and no, I am not telling. I am mighty happy with the results. What do you think?


At 12:30 AM, Anonymous simmetra said...

You look great! Love the color!

At 9:25 AM, Blogger Magdalene said...

Thanks Myra...if only I can maintain this look for the next 6 months!

Why do they charge so much?


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