Monday, January 30, 2006

Urshering in the CNY...with FOOD (of course)!

恭喜发财, 万事如意,新年快乐!!!
Chinese New Year is so uneventful in Brisbane . I even got the dates for the 1st day of CNY all mixed up!

This will be my fourth year of not having CNY with my family in Singapore. Well, I made a vow not to return for CNY when I got married because as a married means giving out red packets to the singles (however OLD they are) that equates to burning a hole in my already shallow pocket hence not leaving me enough for holiday shopping!

I wasn't particularly home-sick the last few years but the same cannot be said for this year. In fact, I was feeling quite the reverse. I miss the family reunion, the gossiping, the food, etc hubby and I did what we thought would be the best case scenario for our very own celebration at home.

We decided to have a seafood feast and in particular, prawns and crab. You know how when you want something, you can never find it...well, that almost happened to us and the crab. We went to our usual seafood outlets (2) and both were sold out on crabs! Hubby then took me to some backyard operation near his work and to my surprise and pleasure, they had crabs...BIG and ALIVE! We picked a 1.5kg big fat crab. The shop owner placed it in an iced eskee so that it would "go to sleep" - more humane way of "killing it" rather than stabbing it in the chest!

Come Sunday - 1st Day of Chinese New Year
We decided on two of our all time favourite dishes. Mee Siam and Chilli Crab. Since there was only the two of us, we decided to have Mee Siam for lunch and Chilli Crab for dinner.

Home-Made Mee Siam

Cooking Mee Siam puts a smile on my face

Chinese New Year Lunch - Yummy Mee Siam

Honey, can I lick your bowl too?

Home-Made Chilli Crab
That's our "victim" turned into feast for our eyes, nosese and bellies!

A farewell kiss for...the lovely memories?

Ahh...that's the way it should be! EATEN!

I often wonder who the asian is, in our relationship

Washing it all down with a nice cup of tea

That's all that was left of the "victim"'s a scavanger, no more!

Needless to say, we were both very full and satisfied. Washed down our meals with japanese tea brewed with proper tea leaves.

If this is what the year of the Dog is like...we'd better kick start our exercise regime, quick smart!


At 10:03 PM, Anonymous Sue said...

your hubby is very scary, eating mee siam and chili crab. Are you sure he is white or did you dip him into a can of paint???? He did grew up in Australia right and not S'pore or M'sia?

At 5:24 AM, Anonymous mlicy said...

Recipe request! Can u post ur recipes for mee siam and chilli carb? Plurz dun tell me they came from ready make packets! :(

At 9:05 AM, Blogger Magdalene said...

Sue - my husband is an ang moh true and true. 100% WHITE on both sides of his family. Yes, born and bred in this country.

His two favourite breakfast "meals" are Bak Chang with Chin Chow Chilli Oil and 3 minute Indo Mee.

Myra - The dishes are as yummy as it looks. The recipes come in the form of Prima Taste boxes. Sorry, not from scratch. I have given up making asian food from scratch when I found the "saint" in the form of Prima Taste. They are so authentic and absolutely yummy delicious! No one will say you are not a good cook...especially when there are no leftovers whatsoever!

At 12:33 PM, Blogger serene said...

haha.. he's like the Hokkien Ang Moh, mags!!!! it looked fabulous, all that you cooked... and yes yes, I agree with the magic that Prima does!! It is magnificent!

At 2:42 PM, Anonymous Tilly said...


I can't believe you cooked all that. Oh my... they looked yummy...

Did you get my Gong Xi Fa Chai sms? I got yours thanks.


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