Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Wonderful Memories: Christmas 2005

Christmas 05 was most certainly a fuss-free and enjoyable one for us. We shared the season with two good friends - A & J. Here's a collection of some of the photos taken from that day to remind us of what Christmas is truely all about - the season of giving and loving.

This is our Christmas table settling.

"Well...this is for..." [explanation of present]

Time to set the table for lunch, Ladies!

Presenting Christmas Lunch...

Tanzetta, the house cat shows us exactly what is to be done post christmas lunch


At 7:18 AM, Anonymous Sue said...

Seriously, that was a lot of food for 4 people. You guys must be eating tons of left overs over the week! BTW about time you guys have a kid to pour your devotion to. A cat is just not the same, its for old senile people with no family.......coming from someone who has 2 cats and a dog :-)

At 12:20 PM, Blogger Magdalene said...

hahahaha...you make me laugh!

We had hardly any leftovers! All I had left was 2kg Christmas Ham left uncooked (i only made 500g on that day) and have since baked it and will be finished anyday now.

We have been talking about adding to our family of late. You are right - a cat is just not the same. We keep changing our minds. One week, we want a kid and the next week, we rather not?!

At 12:27 PM, Blogger serene said...

seems like you did a fantastic job with the lunch!!! congratulations on the no leftovers too!!! i hate christmas leftovers, makes me feel crap the day after christmas when i have to eat it *o*

i wish you and hubs, in the year to come, to have plenty babies (not that it's possible, unless you aim high and go for the twins, triplets, quadruplets, five-troop-lets, etc..) but yes, have a baby, it's fun :) you have a perfect reason to blame your insanity on!!! (not that i'm saying you're insane or anything...but that's another subject matter altogether...)

happy new year dear!

At 4:30 PM, Blogger Magdalene said...

thanks serene! that was the one time I didn't over cater. Years of eating left overs have taught me very valuable lessons! hahahaha...

whenever I see sue's kid and your kid - it makes me want to have a child of my own. It is also an age thing that is bothering me. I don't want to be too old before we start a family. Will be 28 this April so if we tried sometime this year and if we are lucky to conceive without medical assistance, then I will be a mother at 29 and hubs will be dad at 33.

it is daunting though. would we be good parents? how do we know we are ready? etc etc etc...

Hubs and I are more incline now than ever with the idea of being parents though we need to squeeze in a holiday and also inform our private health fund (all the private health companies in this country requires 3 months notice prior to any changes i.e. conceiving period)...heaps to be done prior to trying...:)


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