Sunday, February 26, 2006

Farewell Summer (in 3 days time)!

3 more days to the end of summer, no wonder the shops are all stocked up with winter gear and here we are still battling with sunny humid days of 30C! Oh dear!

Time seems to pass quicker living in a country with 4 seasons, in my opinion that is. The subtle chill in the morning breeze, the display shelves in shops stocked up with new winter linen, the need for the handy umbrella everyday (continuous rain during this week signals a change in the season), etc etc.

Perhaps next weekend (weather permitting), I should air my freshly laundered cotton blanket on the line and lay it down on my bed ready for use. I love the change in season and hopefully, it will be cooler very soon.

Farewell Summer (don't come back too soon) for I will not miss you.

Friday, February 24, 2006

The game of life is not always fair

Received a call at work today from one of my bosses informing me that one of his administrative staffs (whom i met once and spoken to many times over the phone) husband had passed away, in his sleep. He was 59 and today was the funeral.

I couldn't continue what I was doing and paused for what seemed like an eternity when in actual fact was only 5 whole minutes.

Though I have only met her once and spoken to her many times on the phone, she epitomises the spirit of north Queensland - where people are carefree and genuinely nice & helpful unless us, city folks. She has always been so helpful to me when I was helpless, always a kind word and a smile that radiates through the phone.

This is not fair. Why should this unfortunate event happen to her?

They have no children and all their family live in different states. She is now all alone. They celebrated their 26th wedding anniversary last year and had only moved into their brand new property a couple of months ago.

The game of life is not always fair especially to GOOD PEOPLE.

Today is one of those days where I constantly question "WHY?!" and moments like this also helps me gain some perspective into my own life. To remember that life is fragile and it is simply not worth sweating over the small things.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

If only weekends were longer...

For most of us working girls, weekends are very much appreciated in more ways than one. Yes, some aspects of the weekend is spent on general home maintainence but the other times are spent in doing we want to do and for those of us married, it often involves our spouse as well.

I reckon it will be ideal if we only worked 3 days and have the other 4 days as weekends! That would be work/life balance absolutely balance!

This weekend is the best we've had this year. Yes, it is only February but moments like this ought to be recorded with much fondness.

We spent the weekend with hubby's uncle and aunty who live in the Gold Coast Hinterland. They have 17 acres of land on the side of a mountain. Their home is more like a spa resort. The lush and peaceful surroundings coupled with engaging company and absolutely FINE FOOD! Here are some pics:

Stunning Bird sculptures "reaching for the sky" in one of many garden beds

The swimming pool surrounded by the lush australiana bush-very inviting on a hot summer's day!

View of the back of the home from the swimming pool

View of my favourite mountain (Mt Tamborine) from their back patio where we have all our meals

Dinner - Roast Dinner of Lamb and veggies (Finger Licking so good!)

"Boxer", their Blue Heeler aka Cattle Dog - very affectionate and loves to be around people

Yes, I do feel that I have just been to an exclusive spa resort for the weekend. Totally rejuvenated and well rested. Tomorrow is another brand new work week and it starts off with a 2 full day course (6 week program condensed into 2 days) - oh boy!

I think a visit to a spa next weekend sounds REAL FINE.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Dancing in the Rain!

Finally...the rain is here!

I was awoken at 4:00am this morning by a loud release of rain followed by a series of meows coming from Tanzetta (the cat) outside the bedroom as if to tell us she is scared.

Summer is the season when we get 98% of all our rain for the year and there hasn't been much activity on this front this season. So you can image my delight and excitement when it happened.

Hopefully this rain will stay around for a few more days and that most of it will hit our catchment areas.

I love the rain and if I weren't working today, I will be out on the streets dancing in the rain and perhaps, making mud pies with the little girls in our neighbourhood. Followed by a hot bath and then a book with a nice cup of tea, snuggled on our couch which overlooks the backyard.

While hubby and I are at work, I am sure the cat is enjoying this wet day. Definitely not outside but most certainly has rolled herself into a ball-like state and snuggled warmly under our sheets on our bed.

Sleep tight, little one. Enjoy it while it lasts.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

A Day of Romance, Perhaps?

14th I meant to feel more romantic or more incline to be romantic?

In my single days, I used to dread this day. All the happy couples around with tacky balloons, teddy bears, red roses, acting all lovey dovey etc etc. A day where restaurants come up with "romantic menus for two" at an exhorbitant rate, florists would work 24 hours the night before to meet those demands, etc etc.

In my single dating days, I would look forward to this day. Combing for V-day cards the moment it hits the stores, hunting around for thoughtful gifts, checking out the fashion racks for a new outfit, etc etc. All the build up to that day was magical just like the weeks leading up to Christmas.

I asked hubby a couple of weeks ago what he has planned for us on V-day. He told me that V-day is only for secret admirers and since we are married, it is no longer a secret! Then I asked if he will bring me flowers, he told me that he bought me an entire garden! I was and am still speechless.

What will we be doing tonight? Well, we will be having Spaghetti Bolognaise for dinner which I made on Sunday and sitting in front of the telly thereafter.


However, I have to say also that being loving and romantic shouldn't just be confined to a commercial driven event like V-day and it should come in daily doses in the form of consideration, tenderness, understanding and loyalty. That I do have, every single day.

But still, it would be nice to receive a little something from the hubby...especially since he is in town.

My boss who has been married for 28 years still continues to send flowers to his wife's place of work every year and either makes dinner or takes her out on V-day! That is ROMANTIC!

Saturday, February 11, 2006

A Juggling Act

The role of a woman can never be clearly defined for we take on multi-faceted responsibilities because we have the ability to multi-task unlike the male species. No, I am not a feminist.

I am proud to be part of a generation of modern women who have choices and the freedom to make those choices.

Hence we are always part of a "circus" act. Juggling the various responsibilities and still quite often, come up tops!

Preparation and team work are keys to the act of juggling.

In order for me to function in a mentally positive state during the work week, hubby and I work as a team (80% of the time). He does everything associated with the laundry and general home maintainence like ironing, mopping and vacuuming, cleaning of the three toilets and bathrooms while I take care of the household shopping, preparing 20 meals in a week, cleaning the kitchen and gardening. Thank goodness, kid (s) are not part of the equation yet!

Here are 2 meals I have prepared for next week. Beef Cassrole and Beef Bolognaise...for dinner and lunch the next day! Yippee..that makes it 4 I only have 16 more meals to make!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

1st Picnic in 2006

The theme of last weekend was "something green, something high, something refreshing."

Instead of spending our saturday doing housework or at the hardware shop, we thought we'd head up the mountains. Specifically, Mount Tamborine in the Gold Coast Hinterland. It is about 62km from Brisbane but the ride is slightly over an hour because of the terraine. Nonetheless, it is definitely "something green, something high, something refreshing".

The mountain hosts a myriad of galleries and displays of arts and craft, in addition to many nurseries and restaurants. It also has some of the Gold Coast's many wineries.

Found a shady spot at Witches Falls to enjoy our picnic

During lunch, we realised that we had run out of coffee at home. Surely, there would be a coffee plantation up here in the mountains. We then had a look at the map which was on the side of the road and VIOLA! There was one.

We stopped by bought a 250g of organic arabian beans and also had the most refreshing iced coffee!

Walked off our lunch at Gallery Walk
This is a favourite spot of mine. Gallery Walk has clusters of galleries and craft shops provies a wealth of diverse art and craft from Fine Art to frivolous, there is something for everyone. Here are two of my favourite shops:

German Cukoo Clock Nest
Largest varietyof Grandfather & Cuckoo clocks, wall clocks and mantle clocks.

Fudge Heaven
Over 40 varieties of mouth watering fresh fudge made right there on the premises with real cream and butter. They even have an ADULTS ONLY range of fudge made with real alcohol.

A lovely spot for a day of relaxation and fantastic excuse to get away from housework anf of course, the hardware shop!

Monday, February 06, 2006

Will I ever see it again?

I had a most wonderful weekend relaxing with hubby. We decided that instead of the usual errand running, we would have a picnic. Our first in 2006. We packed yummy gourmet food and decided on Mount Tambourine (1.5 hours south of Brisbane in the Gold Coast Hinterland). I have always loved this mountain. I would have loved to attached some pics of that glorious day...however, something happened this morning which has changed E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G.

I walked into work totally refreshed and ready to take on the world. Opened my locked cabinet where my laptop is stored and it wasn't there! I looked under my table to see if the electrical pack for the laptop was there, it too was gone!

I then rang the boss to find out if he had taken it home on the weekend and he didn't.

My laptop is my work life,my personal life. My punching bag and my comfort. It was stolen out of a locked cabinet! I am just absolutely devastated. All my holidays photos are on the desktop of the laptop and I didn't back it up anywhere else...I feel so lost.

I still cannot believe that it is gone. I then rang the police who have since come out to take my statement. Then my colleague who is on her day off, rang to ask me to check the locked petty cash tin in her locked drawer...yes, you guessed it...all the cash in the locked cash tin in the locked drawer was GONE too!

Then I realise that our passwords book is also in that locked I quickly logged into internet banking and thank goodness, nothing suspicions took place. However, I was taking no more chances. Rang the bank and changed password immediately.

Utter devastation....