Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Dancing in the Rain!

Finally...the rain is here!

I was awoken at 4:00am this morning by a loud release of rain followed by a series of meows coming from Tanzetta (the cat) outside the bedroom as if to tell us she is scared.

Summer is the season when we get 98% of all our rain for the year and there hasn't been much activity on this front this season. So you can image my delight and excitement when it happened.

Hopefully this rain will stay around for a few more days and that most of it will hit our catchment areas.

I love the rain and if I weren't working today, I will be out on the streets dancing in the rain and perhaps, making mud pies with the little girls in our neighbourhood. Followed by a hot bath and then a book with a nice cup of tea, snuggled on our couch which overlooks the backyard.

While hubby and I are at work, I am sure the cat is enjoying this wet day. Definitely not outside but most certainly has rolled herself into a ball-like state and snuggled warmly under our sheets on our bed.

Sleep tight, little one. Enjoy it while it lasts.


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