Sunday, February 19, 2006

If only weekends were longer...

For most of us working girls, weekends are very much appreciated in more ways than one. Yes, some aspects of the weekend is spent on general home maintainence but the other times are spent in doing we want to do and for those of us married, it often involves our spouse as well.

I reckon it will be ideal if we only worked 3 days and have the other 4 days as weekends! That would be work/life balance absolutely balance!

This weekend is the best we've had this year. Yes, it is only February but moments like this ought to be recorded with much fondness.

We spent the weekend with hubby's uncle and aunty who live in the Gold Coast Hinterland. They have 17 acres of land on the side of a mountain. Their home is more like a spa resort. The lush and peaceful surroundings coupled with engaging company and absolutely FINE FOOD! Here are some pics:

Stunning Bird sculptures "reaching for the sky" in one of many garden beds

The swimming pool surrounded by the lush australiana bush-very inviting on a hot summer's day!

View of the back of the home from the swimming pool

View of my favourite mountain (Mt Tamborine) from their back patio where we have all our meals

Dinner - Roast Dinner of Lamb and veggies (Finger Licking so good!)

"Boxer", their Blue Heeler aka Cattle Dog - very affectionate and loves to be around people

Yes, I do feel that I have just been to an exclusive spa resort for the weekend. Totally rejuvenated and well rested. Tomorrow is another brand new work week and it starts off with a 2 full day course (6 week program condensed into 2 days) - oh boy!

I think a visit to a spa next weekend sounds REAL FINE.


At 5:19 AM, Anonymous Sue said...

That dog must be nice otherwise, its not much to look at!


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