Thursday, March 16, 2006

Annual Pilgrimage to...

The vet, of course!

This is one "outing" all three of us dread because as with most cats, she hates traveling in the car. To express her fear and utter dislike, she meows in a most heart-wrenching manner at the top of her lungs for the agnosing drive. Have you ever wondered why big cats have little meows and small cats have huge ones? Well, we do. We reckon it has to do with size, or the lack of, so the small ones are "given" bigger and louder meows!

Thank goodness, there is a vet just a mere 5 minutes drive from us. In fact, it is a 24 hour animal hospital too. Very handy, not that we ever want anything awful to happen to her.

Hubby sits by Tanzetta and trys soothing her with his calm voice

The appointment was for 6:45pm and 5 minutes later, the receptionist ushered us to a weighing room as part of the procedure.

The moment of truth: She's 2.8kg minus the weight of "cat bag"

We were then directed back to the reception area where we waited for another 15 minutes before we were seen. Into a consultation room we went, took Tanzetta out of the "cat bag", the vet did the usual checks and proclaims her a clean bill of health! Well, she'd better considering she only eats dried cat food made in Paris (no joke), we tried mixing the expensive stuff with Whiskas brand and she actually eats all the expensive ones and leaves the supermarket variety in her bowl! She also gets 2 tbsps of tuna in fresh water out of a tin (yes, this is the human consumption variety) when we come home from work each day as a treat and on the weekends, she gets 1/2 tsp of condensed milk from hubby when he makes coffee.

In the room, we spotted a rather interesting poster which depicts a scale showing how old one's cat/dog is in human years blah blah blah...and since Tanzetta turns 4 in October, she will in fact be of the same age as me! My dear cat is as "young" as I am - COLD BLIND ME!

"Please be gentle with me"

Finally, "the procedure" we came for - the needle. Vaccination F4, to be exact. I had to turn away while hubby took this pic. Just breaks my heart. We are very proud of Tanzetta, she didn't whimper and was happy to be cuddled right away.

She spent last night curled up next to us in bed, she is still a little drowsy from the shot and she's probably back in our bed. Better enjoy the peace and quiet, while it lasts. For us, not her!


At 4:18 AM, Anonymous Sue said...

Get a kid!

At 3:34 PM, Blogger Magdalene said...

Not yet...still need to go on a few more holidays!


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