Friday, March 03, 2006

Finally..."the wheels are in motion"

I want this year to be a year of many firsts and also a year which I will be diligent in recording down the special moments so that they don't just become a distant (faded) memory.

There are a few things I would like to accomplish this year and one of them is travel.

One of those travels must include Singapore. I haven't been back for 4 years and in my opinion, far too long. There has been quite a number of developments in the friends & family department and to my knowledge - quite a few new places to explore too. Back in Jan, the plan was to do Singapore and New Zealand from end Sept - Early October (4 weeks off work). I received a few quotes from different travel companies and the prices were exhorbitant so it was left on the back burner until this week.

I was having one of those "I want to escape" days at work as I was feeling particularly overwhelmed so I took 30 minutes off work time and scoured through the Internet checking on airfares, holiday plans, etc etc. Whilst on this "journey", I chanced upon an airfare from SQ which I could hardly believe! $811 plus taxes return from Brisbane to Singapore in April (For those who don't live here - this is absolutely fantastic esp when it is direct. Direct flights are usually $1,200 plus taxes return). Immediately, I put on my "negotiation" cap and rang a nation wide travel agent to find out if they would beat the price and as expected, they came to the party by beating the price by $20 making the fare component $791! Today, I went to the agent and booked hubby & myself on that plane! It is so meant to happen :)

As if booking the flight to Singapore wasn't enough, I went futher by getting the agent to quote my on fares to New Zealand's North and South Island in the month of August for Ski season. You won't believe this - Garunda has a special deal flying direct from Brisbane to Auckland on the "Twin Special" only $260 plus taxes! This is so meant to happen. The return leg from Auckland to Queenstown is only $164 plus taxes! On top of that, the ski fields packages were released this week so I have 4 travelogues to devour my eyes on! this meant to happen or IS THIS MEANT TO HAPPEN or what?!


At 2:12 AM, Blogger serene said...

hahaha mags mags!! yes yes, so meant to happen, so so so meant to happen!! so so so looking forward to seeing you again after so so so so long!!!!! :) don't forget to bring me back what i sms-ed you :P

At 8:07 AM, Blogger Magdalene said...

yes I am so so looking forward myself! It has been 9 years since we last saw eachother. So so glad that this is so so meant to happen. See you soon.

Keep your hopes high high...might just bring you back what you sms-ed me for.

At 5:43 AM, Blogger serene said...

haha really now?? that would be the greatest bonus of a lifetime :P

the last time we met, was in brissy, wasn't it?? my goodness, how time flies... this time round, we can start counting the wrinkles on each other's foreheads when we meet :P


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