Sunday, March 05, 2006

How to enjoy a rainy day...

What better excuse does one need on a rainy day to have friends over for lunch? None, of course! That was exactly what we did. It was a lovely cool temperature of 20C and everyone was in a happy mood because (a) it is the weekend (b) it is cool and (c) gathering of good mates.

It's been 4 months since we last caught up with J & K. They have been on yet another vacation and we are very envious. As usual, they came bearing gifts of delicious dessert, twin packs of Tim Tams, soft drink, white wine & red wine and their wonderful personalities. Absolutely fantastic!

Hubby and I enjoy entertaining at home as we don't have to rake our brains about what to wear, where to go, etc etc. The original plan was to have a bbq in the backyard and of course, who wants to sit out in the rain except for children who enjoy making mud pies.

Last minute change and a change that was embraced by everyone. Roast Lunch. To be specific, roast lamb and roast vegetables.

Prior to them arriving, we had the following prepared:
(1)Place setting and since there was heaps of rosemary in our meal, we incorporated sprigs of rosemary into the napkin (2) pierced our leg of lamb with fresh garlic and fresh sprigs of rosemary, of course! (3) Cut and seasoned the pumpkin and sweet potatoes, wrapped the sebago potatoes up in foil and set the french beans aside.

Everything that needed roasting were placed in disposable aluminum foil dishes specifically for roasting because yours truely or rather, hubby is absolutely "sick and tired" of scrubbing the proper roasting dishes and I don't blame him.

Here's the final product.

Cheers to a rainy day of smiles and good company!


At 8:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi mags and jared
well a big thank you to you both for a great day and lunch,you both went to so much trouble kevin and i enjoy the day food and company fantastic it was great to sit down afterlunch to watch acouple of dvds good weather for it
sorry it has been so long you must be counting
yes i will be taking you both to airport as promised we will be in touch re time etc
love to you both
thanks again
john and kevin xxxx

At 4:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


You aussies are so lucky,good scenary, good food, good life.

so where the bloody hell am I....



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