Friday, March 31, 2006


If I had the power to stop time, today will be one of them. After months of :

  • hair-tearing planning meetings with different committees with diverse needs across the country;
  • negotiating with very business focused commercial partners who expect their very last cent accounted for;
  • teeth-bitting tender submissions to MNCs;
  • dealing with individuals who are rather high maintainence with diplomacy and always sporting a smile on my face;
  • lobbying local governments and preparing educational submissions for 2009;
  • completed master run-downs of 58 events for the year;
  • participate on 60 committees
  • conference planning of national conference where 900 school leaders from Aust and NZ will assemble in Brisbane;
  • conference planning meetings for 2007;
  • drafting of endless media releases for the various advocacy projects and conferences;
  • creating opportunities across the state to keep my commercial partners happy;
  • manage state wide campaign to raise at least $20million for schools affected by Cyclone Harry;

For it to come together so clearly today couldn't be better timing esp. when all of the high priority tasks are completed.

This happening on a Friday is just perfect. It has already lifted much pressure off my shoulders for the weekend and hopefully my poor finger nails will start growing back to its former glory. Second, I will be off to Singapore next Friday so this is fantastic, being able to get the BIG STUFF get out of the way!

If not for the supportive networks provided by the company, my wonderful husband and a few close friends, I would not be a coherant person, to say the least.

They always remind me to stop & take stock and support me in my pursuit for work/life balance. This is so crucial. That is also why, I never take work home. Never.

Here's to us women, who are able to multi-task efficiently!

If I can do this, maybe I can have a baby too?!


At 9:43 PM, Blogger serene said...

haha the big "B" word mags! Yes, absolutely - I am sure that you would make a great mom, although I wouldn't be too sure about having the home maintained so neatly.... hahaa it just doesn't seem to happen with a child in the home!! I saw the other blog - I think I'm still loving this one, it's straightforward, and all I do is log on and I'm reading about ya :) although the photo albums on the other one is great...

At 8:27 AM, Anonymous Sue said...

Many a female has fallen into a trap thinking that a baby is easy after what they go through in work life. It is hard, very tiring and endless. It is all worth it when the lil one calls you mama or in my case meme :-)

At 8:57 AM, Blogger Magdalene said...

Thanks for the confidence, Serene. Yes, been reminded quite regularly by mothers esp. that the home maintainence front takes a back step when B come along. Dunno how my parents did it...

Sue - you are right! Many people with no kids assume that parenthood is a piece of cake. When in actual fact, is the single most LIFE CHANGING part of our lives. It consumes us. That's why I am still without child after 3 years of marriage. It is HARD WORK however, if I can have a child - I want to for so many other brilliant reasons! e.g. loving someone else unconditionally.


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