Sunday, April 23, 2006

Before my body gives up on me...

We've had the best time in Singapore. Photos of our holiday will be posted tomorrow (Monday).

The holiday in Singapore was jam packed full of activities. Our day started at 9am and concluded at past 12 midnight! Considering we lead such a sedate live in Brisbane, I am surprise we managed to stay up so late and walked so much till our feets were sore beyond believe!

The family and friends we manage to connect with were amazing. It's been 4 years! This is way too long, I do endeavour to go back more often in the future.

The shopping was fantastic - bought about 7 pairs of shoes, 3 power suits, more tops and pants, gorgeous beaded accessories, 5 bags (including Gucci), skin care, etc etc...I have never felt this liberated when shopping but since I was on holidays, heck lah! We went with 2 bags and came back with 4. The combined weight of our luggages was about 38.5kg!

It was wonderful catching up with mum and dad. Better still that they look the same and still very active. My only living grandma is still very strong and has a healthy appetite!

There were so many highlights from this holiday which Iendeavour to recount in the next few days with pics. Despite the 2 weeks in SG, there were many friends that I couldnt meet up with due to conflicting schedules and that is a real shame.

However, I will be back soon despite the overwhelming crowds and sticky weather.

Since we got back yesterday, we've been hybernating at home. We've only been out once and that is to the supermarket. Other than that, I have been sleeping very long hours e.g. 10pm - 12noon. That is a record for me. After I woke up at 12noon, I had lunch and went back to bed from 2pm - 5pm.

So before my body gives up on me yet is my little entry.

Good night.


At 8:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How much did you have to pay for the excess luggage or did you manage to talk them into letting you get it for free?? It would be nice to catch up on things, really miss our nightly conversation

At 2:10 PM, Blogger Magdalene said...

didn't have to pay for excess luggage because we were allowed 40kg and our check-in bags only weighed 38.5kg


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