Friday, April 28, 2006

Groovy - it only gets better!

"You're still sporting a"holiday glow!" says my boss this morning as I waltzed into the office bleary-eyed, jumper over my shoulders, handbag on my right arm and a take away muffin in my left hand.

Judging from my lack of groove this morning, I resemble one suffering from post-holiday 'disorder'! As I went about making my morning beverage of choice - instant coffee with 2 sugars and milk, my "morning person" colleague said "Your holiday postcard from Singapore arrived today!"


As I settled myself into my tasklist and appointments for the day, the glaze over my eyes evaporated as soon as I realise that next Monday is Labour Day. Public Holiday! HIP HIP HOORAY! HIP HIP HOORAY! HIP HIP HOORAY! Thank you Union! Cheers!

This is very Groovy.

As I continued scanning my eyes over the calender, I realise that Jared is taking me out on a special date tomorrow, Saturday night. We will be attending a 'James Morrison Jazz Concert' at the QLD Performing Arts Centre! This was booked last November and I can't wait!

Groovy. Groovy. Groovy.

If you don't enjoy Jazz, indulge me here. Like anything else, it takes in a lot of things. What you're missing is probably because you haven't heard the right jazz for you - you're missing the feeling of self-expression, the freedom. Jazz has this great groove to that it just makes you feel good. If you listen to it and try to understand it, you are already missing the point. If you listen to it, try and judge how good it is - is it good jazz? You've missed the point. It should make you feel good. If it doesn't right away, try other jazz.

For those of you who don' t know who James Morrison is (I won't hold it against you) since I am in such a groovy mood, here goes:

James Morrison blows! He blows a trumpet for a living (he also plays trombone, euphonium, flugel horn, tuba, saxophones and piano), and what a living! He's an internationally famous luxury-car-collecting, yacht-sailing, fly-your-own-plane-to-the-gig kind of guy. He's an entertainer, a talent scout, a businessman, a scriptwriter, a mentor, an all-round lesson in success. He's made music alongside his heros (such as Dizzy Gillespie, BB King, Ray Charles, he's married a former Miss Australian, but is he happy? Damn right he is!

I can't wait! I've got my groove back. Thanks to the Union mob, Jared and James Morrison.


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