Monday, April 24, 2006

What a Holiday!

The holiday to Singapore did not disappoint one bit. Okay, I will be realistic and say that there was one bit which disappointed us and that was the flight from Brisbane to Singapore. The SQ flight was simply horrendous! The food and service was very disappointing, considering the numerous awards the airline has won. The seats were cramped, etc we did not sleep a wink that night! Oh well...

Staying with my parents was wonderful.They fed us, all the time and we on the other hand, made sure that we swam daily so that we could still fit into our clothes by the time we got on the plane back to Brisbane!

Catching up with friends and family is definitely the highlight of this holiday. Regretably also, we couldn't catch up with everyone due to conflicting schedules and that is a real shame.

Shopping was excellent! I bought 7 pairs of shoes, 2 power suits, 1 pair pf pants, 3 tops, 2 funky bags, 2 gucci bags and was given 1 gucci bag on my birthday, stocked up on skin care products, knick knacks, etc etc...I just went crazy because I am very strict with myself in Brisbane and second, the dollar exchange was excellent and third, I am on holidays! What the heck! On top of that, my birthday also fell during our trip in Singapore so more presents again!!!! Jared spoilt me rotton on this holiday.

We also took our first cruise on this holiday. Courtesy of my parents. We had a most enjoyable time of feasting and relaxing.

Throughout the holiday, Jared and I were kept very busy. In fact, we would be out of the house by 9am and won't return till past 12 midnight. Don't know how we did it but I can tell you that that we are paying for it big time! I have been body needs to recover from the hectic but super enjoyable schedule! Age must be catching up on me.

During the two weeks, the notion of returning to Singapore to work and live popped up a few times both in my mind and also in the conversations I've had with hubby and a few close friends. To cut the long story short, it has been concluded that Singapore is a fantastic country to visit but not to live and work. It is much too hectic and overwhelming. The crowds, the traffic, the noise. But it is a great country and has so much to offer on a small island. Home for me is Brisbane. I prefer the work/life balance and also the priviledge of space offered here.

Once again, all good things must come to an end eventually. The farewell at the airport doesn't get any easier. The thought of separation with my parents breaks my heart and breaks theirs too. On the other hand, they are happy for me and know that my life is here in Brisbane.

What I have taken away with me on this holiday is not the purchases we've made but rather the strong family bond. Despite our differences, we are very similar deep down. I will visit them more often. Annually, in fact. It is all I can do from my part and I also know that there is all they expect of me. They have given me the freedom and strength to pursue my own life and destiny. In return, I shall repay them with my visits and demonstrate to them that I am truely happy with my life.

Photos of this holiday can be viewed via Magusta's World


At 11:56 AM, Blogger REDLeader said...

The photos of Singapore looks so nice. It I have never been here before...strange. Must be the way you took those pixs. : )

At 12:32 PM, Blogger Magdalene said...

Thanks Adrian!

Singapore is a beautiful city through the eyes of a singaporean on holiday.

I had the best time, ever.


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