Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Another Baby is Born

I met Alicja in Sydney 7 years ago and we instantly became friends. We are similar in our outlook for life - making the best out of every situation and everything happens for a reason.

She's from Poland and I'm from Singapore. We'd laugh and cry over the same things and the little time we shared with each other was always precious. She'd visit me in Brisbane and I'd return the favour by visiting her in Sydney. We were hard strapped for cash as students but we knew how to have a real good time! (e.g 50 cent cone of ice-cream from maccas)

She returned home to Poland a few years later and the distance has definitely played a part in the breakdown of our communication. The phone lines over her end was always dodgy and emails to her were often undelivered but somehow, we'd always think of one another at every New Year. I'd ring annually and for some reason, I stopped trying this year.

Today, I received photos of Alicja - I haven't seen her in over 5 years. She has just given birth to a most exquisite little girl. Motherhood looks good on Alicja - the smile and contentment over her face is all I need, to know that she is happy and well. Congratulations to Alicja and Sebestian!

Zusanna Pajak


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