Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Aus = Sports Mad = TOO RIGHT!

Current temperature/Countdown to Winter: 8C, 7 days

It's the one of the coldest autumn temperatures on record but the heat is on as the state of QLD clash with the state of NSW in the STATE OF ORIGIN. The State of Origin celebrates its 25th Birthday this year.

Both States will be at standstill at kick off while rival tv stations (who did not get rights to broadcast) will rely on their re-runs and keep their prime-time program in storage till next week because they know it is a lost cause!

This is a game of pride and honor equivalent to that of Singapore vs Malaysia, England vs Wales, etc.

Back to the State of Origin: They will play three games (rugby league) in total.

Game 1: May 24th (tonight), Sydney
Game 2: June 14th, Brisbane
Games 3: July 5th, Malebourne

The sporting clubs and pubs will no doubt be opened till late. There will be quite a few sore heads tomorrow morning and I won't be suprise if people have already taken annual leave for these games or those who have not, will throw in a sickie (MC) tomorrow, all in the name of sport and recovery.

To demonstrate loyalty to the Maroons (state of QLD), Castlemaine Perkins who produce XXXX Beer (the beer of QLD) have spent weeks perfecting the specially dyed beer for this year's game! Yes, Maroon coloured Beer! It will taste like XXXX and it will pour like XXXX - but this liquid gold will be as maroon as the jersey!



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