Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I came out with nothing...

...that's right! Today is Day 1 of the David Jones Clearance Sale. This is the one sale that gets the blood flow pumping on this cold winter's day.

I never miss this sale because it is bloody fantastic.

This week marks the 5th week of "no shopping" for me. Now this is record-breaking for yours truely.

First allow me to set the record straight. I don't need to buy anything when I go shopping or browsing but being a woman, I see it as my responsibility to check out what's in the stores at least once a week (my office is only one block away from the main shopping precinct in the city).

However, since coming back from Singapore, I have no desire whatsoever to shop or even browse! I am all shopped out! Nonetheless, I have to keep with tradition.

The moment the boss walked out of the office for a meeting, I was on my heels. Out of the office and in the middle of David Jones - 4 storeys of retail heaven with a few hundred other women and a few men who were standing around awkwardly waiting for their partners. I looked, touched, tried, looked more, touched get the drift but I didn't feel compelled to purchase anything.

I suppose a sale is only really good if you need something. Since I don't need anything, the sale wasn't much good to me.

Have I turned my back on shopping?


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