Friday, May 05, 2006

Salute to the Human Spirit

I see it fitting to pay tribute to the residents affected by Cyclone Larry. Their resilience is testiment to the Human Spirit - ever unwavering.

Cyclone Larry unleashed its category 5 fury on the terrified residents of Innisfail, north Queensland on March 20 with winds up to 290km per hour. The tempest tore the roofs off buildings, uprooted trees, states forests, infrastructure, businesses, flattened crops (million of dollars worth of crops like cane, papaya and paw paw) and left about 120,000 people without power.

The town is recovering slowly but surely with help around the clock and money from government, donations across the country and on ground help from anyone and everyone who is willing.

One month on and hundreds are still without power, thousands of homes still covered by tarps. It has cost $30 million (to date) to reconnect power and most homes and businesses in remote parts of the Atherton Tablelands are still without power.

Good news - Farmers and workers devastated by Cyclone Larry will receive a further $19 million under a new jobs and training Package. The Cyclone devastated about 12,500 hectars of prime agricultural land which has left thousands of farm workers unemployed.

Despite the challenges facing the residents every minute and second of the day, I am impress by the stoicism and courage. A lot of people obviously has nothing but they are still smiling. They are grateful to be alive.

I believe the following quote sums it up:

Learning from yesterday, live for today and hope for tomorrow


At 12:39 AM, Blogger REDLeader said...

Inspirational. Anyway, love north queensland to bits...wonderfully serene place. : )


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