Monday, May 29, 2006

When you get on with the In-Laws...

...the result is nothing short of amazing.

I am very bless and fortunate to get on with my in-laws. This came about after years of learning, understanding and open communication. I have learnt very valuable lessons - what to say or not to say, what to do or not to do, most importantly, to be good friends.

Saturday with the Kings
We were invited to the opening of an art exhibition "Refocus 5: Stirred and but not shaken" which features 5 artists one of whom is our Aunty Carole. I may be biase but I have to say that her works are by far the very best in terms of concept, quality and presentation. The feedback from the gallery and those present were overwhelmingly complimentary. Yes, she not only sold one on opening day but two! None of the other artists' works have sold as yet.

You can check out her latests works on her website - she is the Carole King who cannot sing! Her website was developed by us.

Post Art Exhibition - Dinner with the Kings and their friends
It most certainly calls for a celebration! We headed to Champagne Brasserie, Gold Coast's finest French Restaurant. The food was exquisite. Entrees from $11.50 to $18.00, Mains from $22.00 to $29.00, Desserts at $10.50.

At the table, we shared a $48 bottle of wine. Don't ask me what it is - I was too distracted in the highly infectious conversation to bother about grog.

For main, Jared had Premium Beef Cut grilled. Green beans, Gratin Dauphinois, Bernaise Sauce as for Dessert, he had the most decadent Chocolate Mousse with Kahlua soaked sponge, orange confit and strawberry.

I chose not to have mains but to have two entrees. Pan Seared Scallops on a bed of Risotto with Truffle Oil and Prawns with potato gnocchi and pancetta. For dessert, I couldn't go pass the traditional Cream Brulee with vanilla bean, caramlised top. The entrees were very decent servings and could only stomach half my dessert so uncle Ian, very happily ate the rest for me. No one likes to see good food gone to waste!

I would highly recommend this restaurant if you are ever on the Gold Coast. Check them out on their website

Sunday Morning with The Kings and Reunion Breakfast with MIL
We dragged ourselves out of bed at 6:40am after a late night plus drive back to Brisbane from the Gold Coast. Off to the airport to pick up MIL (mother-in-law) who has returned home for a two week holiday. She is on a two year contract in Singapore, teaching English to toddlers and kindergarten children.

Off to the Kings again. Yes, the same Aunty Carole and Uncle Ian from Saturday. Another hour in the car up the Gold Coast Hinterland where they live. Their home is perched on the side of a mountain and has the most breathe-taking views. We had a most hearty breakfast and wonderful time catching up. MIL brought us all gifts too!As usual, we never leave their home empty-handed. This time we were given a bottle of home-made lemon & brandy jam, passionfruit butter, a basket full of fresh lemons and oranges from their orchard, huge bouquet of lavendar from their garden.

Sunday evening home, at last
We finally made it home - filled with family love and heaps of fresh produce! Some of which had to be put away in the fridge and the rest is now sitting on our dinning table.While Jared went about packing his bags for Cairns (yes, he is off again and this time for 4 days), I went about fixing dinner of baked Tandoori Lamb loin cutlets and Indian vegetables served with garlic chappati.Another weekend over...I am truely bless to have been surrounded by so much love in one weekend. It does pay to get on well with the in-laws. Come home soon, Jared.


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