Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Advocating for Chivalry!

20th day of winter ; showers 12C - 20C
What happened to the good old days of ladies and gentlemen? Where gentlemen open car doors for ladies, gentlemen usher ladies through the lift door before oneself, gentlemen give up seat for ladies regardless of circumstances, both ladies and gentlemen give up their seats for others who need it more than they do, etc.

When did we toss out good manners and civic-mindedness in the company of other humans?

Is it because we are a more selfish generation attributed by of our stressful lifestyles? Is it because we have been "burnt" by another human for being chival?

There is no excuse especially if the reason or excuse in this case is because we are tired, stressed or selfish. However, if one's reasons are due to the fact that you have been "burnt" by another human for being chival, then we are onto another thing altogether!

Take this (real) incident for example. It took place in Hawaii onboard a crowded bus. Girl on holiday has a seat. She sees a woman in her 60's standing. Girl looks around and sees that her fellow passengers sitting down who are much younger than her are not offering their seats to this older woman. Girl stands up, offers her seat. You would think that the woman in her 60's would smile and appreciate that. But no, the woman in her 60's responded at the top of her voice, "That's alright. I am not pregnant, I am just fat!"

Another example cited by a male friend. He was in the lift foyer of a tall office building in the city. He noticed a woman waiting for the same lift. When it arrived, he held the door open from outside the lift and lets her in. She was not only not appreciative of the fact that he had just demonstrated the act of chivalry, she gave him a earful for thinking of her as being helpless!

Have we become such a cynical society that we question good intentions and actions offered by complete strangers? We are indeed our very own worse enemies.

So next time when someone does something nice for you e.g. open your car door, offers you a seat - take it graciously with a big smile and make sure you let that lady or gentleman know that it is much appreciated.

Let us protect chivalry and ensure that it never ever goes out of style!


At 5:00 PM, Blogger mlicy said...

Happened to me one time, I gave up a set for a lady in a baggy dressed. They laughed loudly, saying that she was wearing a baggy dress, not pregnant! I was so embarrassed.

Luckily however the guy later thanked me anyway, saying they appreciated the guesture. But the harm was done. So don't blame me for being a little more wary of pregnant or seemingly pregnant women nowadays. Someone I know even gave up his seat to a 'he' (he thought it was a 'she') who looked pregnant!

At 1:11 AM, Blogger REDLeader said...

They must have S*** stuck up their A***. Oops...Hope there's no minor reading this.

At 9:46 AM, Blogger Magdalene said...

hahahahah...we live in a crazy crazy world.

I reckon - pregnant women should wear t-shirts that advertise that they are a "work in progress" and those who are not when offered a seat, should just take it anyway since their ankles must surely be hurting. It is so ambiguous these day even with the look of males and females. Your poor friend!


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