Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Back to Earth!

14th day of winter; 10C - 22C

Wow! What a week it has been! I am finally back in my office after 5 days of back to back events! It started off with...

Wednesday, 7th June
Came into work super duper early to tie up the lose ends with the events and didn't stop for lunch or toilet break until 6pm! Then off to the Sofitel Brisbane for the first event - Board Meeting including three course dinner from 7:30pm to 11:00pm. It was also the President's Birthday - surprise was planned. All went well. By the time it was over, my head was spinning and my back was in need of a comft bed to un-kink!

I had to share a room with my colleague. We had shared previously at another event and it was great but this time, she was as tired as I was an you guessed it...she's a SNORER! Oh man! It was as if I had the entire QUEENSLAND SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA in my 5 star bedroom! No guesses who slept the most that night.

Thursday, 8th June
I was surprisingly alert despite the lack of rest from the previous night. My adrenalin has kicked in and it will sustain me for the next 48 hours, as per my experience. 55 Branch Presidents across the State in town today for State Council and we had 5 guests from the Teachers Union addressing us. Once all the AV and attedance was taken, I slipped out of the room to work in the conference secretariate room for the rest of the day. More boxes were showing up, more event orders to approve, more registrations, more ended at 5pm. My colleague was absolutely wasted from taking non-stop minutes, she decided to stay in while I went out for dinner with one of my bosses. Despite feeling a little weary myself, I needed to get out of air-con and walk. My only exercise for the day. On top of that, I had 2 more meetings to attend that night starting with...

10:30pm - meet with MC. Go through running sheet. Why so late? He lives in Melbourne and decided to fly in late.

11:30pm - AV set up. The AV techs are getting younger and younger...maybe, because I am getting older and older.

2:00am - in bed. Yes, colleague was snoring but I was too wasted and collapsed into bed.

Friday, 9th June
Woke up ay 5:30am. 23 trade exhibitors setting up at 6:00am. The conference team sets up registration for 350 delegates, 50 trade, 30 VIPs. All is going according to plan. Started on time. Minister spoke for way too long. Received call from Queensland Parliament asking me when the Minister will conclude his engagement with us because he was due to address parliament in 5 minutes- I then asked what protocols I may employ to get him off the stage, their silence was all the answer they needed. MC did a great job and got the program back on track! I walked non-stop the entire day and guess how many steps I did? According to my pedometer - I had done 18,000 steps!

Jared joins me at the Sofitel and my colleague checks out. While 430 delegates walked towards Parliament House for a reception with the Minister. Jared and I went for a quiet dinner in the city. We even managed to check out some lounges on sale! Off to bed and I had the best night sleep, ever.

Saturday, 10th June
Woke up at 6:00am. Had breakfast. More meetings before conference commenced. Trade Exhibitors are very happy with the organisation and connections with delegates. Conference proceeded without a hitch. All is well. State Conference Gala Dinner - 20 piece big band set up, balloons galore for the room. All went well.

Sunday, 11th June
Woke up at 7:00am. Brekfast with delegates. Speakers were incredible! Stand out for me was Li CunXin, Author of "Mao's Last Dancer". His book is in its 33rd re-print - I brought my copy and got him to sign it. I am one happy girl!

Conference concludes. More stuff to lug back to office. Thank goodness, office is only 1 minute drive down the road. Off load boxes of stuff. We went home and yes, I slept for the next 3 hours. We had dinner at home before heading out for movie - XMEN 3.

Monday, 12th June
Queen's Birthday Public Holiday. Cheers, Queen! Day of housework. While I did food shopping, Jared did a few loads of laundry and mopped the floor. Tonight Australia plays against Japan in the World Cup. Got to stay up - so off to bed we went for a few hours of shut eye. After 32 years, Australia is playing at the World Cup!

The Socceroos' (yes, we know it is football and no, I have no idea why Australia still insists on naming the team socceroos - perhaps because it rhymes with roos as in Kangeroos) stunning 3-1 win over Japan not only kept our World Cup hopes alive, it probably kept referee Essam Abd El Fatah alive. The Egyptian referee had ealier apologised to goalkeeper Mark Schwarzer for allowing Japan's only goal after the keeper was blatantly taken out of play.

Tuesday, 13th June
Woke up with sore head due to late night. Rang into work and took a day off in lieu. Why not? Spent the day re-organising my wardrobe, slept more and had a most relaxing day.


At 4:49 PM, Anonymous Sue said...

There you were, I was wondering what happend to you!!

At 7:45 PM, Blogger serene said...

18,000 steps!!! My gosh girl, BREATHE!

At 9:22 AM, Blogger Magdalene said...

Yes I am back in the office for another 4 weeks before I am off again.

Thanks for "looking" for me - I am alive and well.

Yes - there was a lot of walking involved.It kept me calm and in control - the way I like it to be!


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