Thursday, June 15, 2006

Beard Pa Pa's?

15th day of winter; 11C - 23C
What is that, you ask? Well, for starters it is tickling the fancies of Australians. Here's presenting "Beard Pa Pa's"

It reminds me of the cream puffs my mum used to get from Bengawan Solo (Singapore chain of pattiserie). We first came into contact with "Beard Pa Pa's" a month ago. It brought back fond memories of my childhood and I am surprise also that Australian's have never come across such a sensational delight!

So what makes it so sensational? The cream in the puffs do not contain any preservatives! They bake the choux pastry shells that are made up of two special layers. The inner layer is a choux pastry shell and the outer layer is a piecrust. According to one of the "chefs", their secret recipe of whipped cream custard takes 2 hours to prepare and they use vanilla beans from Madagascar. No wonder, I see tiny black grains and smell the wonderful sweet aroma when I bit into one yesterday evening. Yes, I bought a box for football last night!

The tempting cream flavours include Vanilla, Chocolate, Green Tea, Strawberry, Coffee and Caramel.

If you are looking for a treat or if you need to bring dessert for your next social engagement, you really cannot go wrong with a box of Beard Pa Pa's.


At 3:52 AM, Anonymous sue said...

You post too many pictures of food!!!!

At 9:15 AM, Blogger Magdalene said...

I love food and love to share good food!

At 1:24 AM, Blogger REDLeader said...

Mee Siam Mee siam...sorrie, that is what's in my mind now : )

At 2:41 AM, Blogger mlicy said...

This was big in Singapore about 5 yrs ago. The queues were phenomenal. Andrea de Cruz even queued for them and lost her (was it 3 carat?) engagement ring.

Nowadays, it's a sad sad thing to see hardly any queues. It's just a fad like Roti Boy. That's even sadder, it has left Singapore totally! :(

It's kinda intersting - people used to bring lovely franchaises like apple strudel from Aust to SIN, and now it's going the other way!


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