Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Remembering Paul

It's been a year since our good mate, Paul Bodington, died, and still a day never goes by that we don't feel his absence in our lives esp. during a Geelong Football Game, his dodgy cakes, his amazing capacity to cater for an army even through there is only 5 of us, his corny jokes and above all, his genuine friendship and love for all.

I'll never forget though, the Bods Lessons in life, so succinctly summarised by his friend June Balfour:
  • Smile at people
  • Say hello to the person in front of you at the check-out line
  • Send 'thank-you' cards and letters
  • Buy inexpensive gifts, silly gifts and give them to those that you love at random
  • Wear Hawaiian shirts at random because it makes other people smile
  • Always have a corny joke up your sleeve
  • Invite people to dinner even if you have no dinning room furniture
  • Care for people, meet someone new and more importantly, get outside your own self
  • Hug

His passing is a reminder that life is short and precious, and that we'll all benefit in someway from trying to live the way Paul did - sharing hugs, generosity and happiness, letting those close to him know how much he appreciated them.

Through his work, Paul was able to share a laugh with so many people - earlier this year, he was honored by his colleagues in a way that would make him proud: ABC Local Radio Award for Outstanding Radio Feature/Package by an individual (which Paul won himself) was renamed the 'Paul Bodington Award'.

At yesterday's memorial, a special seat was placed at the entrance of the Japanese Gardens at Mt Coot-Tha Botanic Gardens in memory of Paul. It's a lovely spot to have a seat and enjoy the surroundings and remember Bods.

Take a comfy seat there one day, and have a think about who you'd like to hug next, or what silly present you're going to buy for your partner or your kids or your friend on the way home.

Cheers Bods!

Memories of Paul


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