Monday, July 31, 2006

Beautiful North Queensland

I spent 3 days in Townsville (North Queensland, about 2 hours flight from Brisbane) managing a conference and had a most relaxing time.

The conference, delegates and sponsors had a great time. We had great speakers - all came away a little more enlightened. Overall, it was good.

I have only been to Townsville twice and I have to say, it is an enchanting place. It is growing very rapidly - there is construction everywhere, the people are so relaxed and the coast known as "The Strand" is most breathe-taking. That is the view from my hotel room overlooking the strand and the mountains in the background is Magnetic Island; about 40 minutes by "cat" (high speed water vessel), yes people do call that island home.

At the conclusion of the conference each day, I would put on my jogging shoes and go for a run-walk along The Strand. It replenished what that air-con had zapped out of me!

Thank you for your hospitality, Townsville!


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