Tuesday, August 08, 2006

I am going Bananas...


(1) Blogspot is playing up (finally allowed me to upload this luscious pic of bananas after 10 tries; yes I am persistent) and

(2) I have been deprived of bananas since Cyclone Larry ravaged all the banana plantations in Innisfail (22 hours drive north of Brisbane)!

Bananas have always been one of my favourite fruits because it tastes good, great source of energy, no fat and it is oh-so-convenient. It is great in cereals, over pancakes, in cakes, in loafs and even in curries.

It is probably one of those fruits parents enjoy giving to their children because it is fuss free except for when the child decides to squash it between his/her fingers!

Now surely, there are bananas for sale in the supermarkets and fruit markets in Brisbane you say.

Well, yes they are for sale but for the grand price of $12 per kg!

I am not calling your bluff on this one. In fact, the supermarkets and fruit markets are now selling the bananas individually (single finger) as opposed to bunches because not many people are venturing close to those bunches. My train buddy told me last week that she gave in to her taste buds and bought herself 1 small finger of banana and paid $2.50 for it! That is daylight robbery! For the love of bananas...*haiz*

Saw on the news this week that the banana plantations in Innisfail are recovering very quickly and soon, they will be local bananas for sale but to get them really cheap i.e. $3 per kg, we will have to wait another 12 months. *sob sob*

Bananas grow quickly, please....


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