Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Time to hit the snow fields...

Another event down over the weekend and there are 6 more to go before this office closes on 20th December for 4 weeks. I am looking forward to the EKKA Show Holiday (Queensland Show Holiday), the last public holiday until Christmas Day!

Jared told me this week that he has to clear 8 weeks of annual leave ! Didn't realise he has been so frugal with them. Considering we went away to Singapore this year, he still has 8 more weeks of leave to clear!

Goodie - I have put on my thinking hat and am planning another holiday before the end of winter (keeping fingers and toes cross). He is a very keen snow skier and I am what you would call a scream-down-the-mountain kinda gal. Jared looks like a pro on the slopes and I, on the other hand, look like a mad woman just released from the asylum with no hand-eye coordination whatsoever. You get the picture?

Despite my lack of performance on the slopes, I am still as keen as mustard to give it another shot. Last time, I had a half day group lesson and boy was it embarrassing! At the end of day 3 after a lot of falling, sliding and skis pointing up towards the sky rather than flat on the slopes, I was skiing quite alright but my lack of confidence prevented me from attempting to the next level. However, if this trip is meant to happen this year, I am determine to get it right once and for all. What does that entail? I will sign up for one-on-one private ski lessons. My objective? I want to ski down the slopes with Jared!!!!

Wish me luck, folks!


At 4:19 PM, Blogger serene said...

hahahaa hello my dear!! this was a hilarious blog entry... I had so many visuals in my head of your entire description, that it was looking kinda strange for me to be laughing at my laptop. Seriously!

Then I recalled when I went skiing in Australia during uni days... we weren't even skiing yet, we were merely on our skis and standing there, listening to the instructor give instructions on what to do... That's when the damn skis started sliding back by itself, so in the middle of the class whilst instructor was still talking, I found myself rolling over the slopes!! the instructor was kinda shocked and ran after me and mel to grab the both of us, that we all fell on the snow just laughing our butts off.

At least you fall when you were actually *trying* to ski, I wasn't even doing anything and I was already falling!!! So yes, the next time I see snow, I'm just gonna cuddle up with a book by the fireplace :o)

Good luck dear - that's all the advice I can give ya!! :)

At 7:22 PM, Blogger Magdalene said...

hahaha...good to know that you sympathise with me. I totally understand what you mean "...damn skis started sliding back by itself..." except when I feel that sliding motion, I lean forward and fall flat on my face. Glad my face doesn't resemble that of "ham jeem bang" (deep fried savoury cantonese flat pancake thing you can get from hawker centre)

I am terrible on the t-bar. Everytime I go on it, people ski away because for some reason, my balance is shot to bits! I get the t-bar, try not to lean too much, end up falling over and the operator has to stop the t-bar to 'rescue me'. Wah biang!

When I ski down the mountain, I try to snow plow to slow myself but it doesn't seem to work! I blame it on the bloody icy snow. So while all the little children are zooming past me like speedy gonzallas, there I am screaming down the mountain "get out! get out!"..dun wan to end up in jail for attempted man slauter or in this case, children slauter.

So watch out mountain and kids, here I come!


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